André Plihal asks for an end to the ‘massacre’ against Jorginho: “It crossed the line”

Jorginho, Abel Ferreira

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Jorginho caused great repercussion during the week when defending Cuca amid criticism for the elimination of Libertadores for Palmeiras do Abel Ferreira. Atletico-GO coach’s outburst against the Portuguese commander was disapproved by much of the press. ESPN presenter André Plihal, however, called for an end to the ‘massacre’ against the former assistant coach of the Brazilian team.

After the elimination of Dragão for Corinthians in the Copa do Brasil, with the right to a 4-1 rout, Jorginho regained prominence. Many journalists and fans stated that he should have been concerned about the game instead of criticizing Abel Ferreira. For Plihal, the athletic coach was wrong, but the attacks against him are going too far.

“Was Jorginho wrong in everything he said about Abel? Yeah, pretty bad. Is this move by Brazilian technicians against Abel bizarre? More than bizarre. Now, the massacre against Jorginho has crossed the line, right?! What a silly – and sordid – need to want to rip people apart,” wrote the journalist on his Twitter.

Jorginho again pinned Abel Ferreira:

Even after Atlético-GO’s elimination from the Copa do Brasil, Jorginho didn’t miss the opportunity to get back at Abel Ferreira. When praising Vítor Pereira, commander of Corinthians, the Brazilian mentioned the coach from Palmeiras.

“I have to congratulate Vitor for the great game they played. We had a great game at home. He’s a super nice guy, very different from Abel. I’ve hosted here about three times and never received a handshake. But I won’t say more about that. It’s a thing of the past. I already said what I had to say. I want to congratulate Vitor and say that he is a good coach, he did a good job”, said Jorginho.

“One Portuguese has nothing to do with the other. I spoke specifically about a Portuguese, Abel Ferreira, not about Vitor, about Luis [Castro, do Botafogo]. It’s not a nationality issue, it’s a person issue. As much as he is very friendly with his players, although he does a fantastic job, he has an attitude that I don’t like”, he added.

In addition to Jorginho, Abel Ferreira was also the target of attacks by Cuca and Mano Menezes in recent days. According to the ‘ge’, however, the commander of Palmeiras should not respond to criticism and needling.

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