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The arrival of 5G in Palmas was brought forward to next Monday, August 22nd. The authorization for telephony operators to connect the signal earlier was given this Thursday (18) by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel). The previous forecast was August 29.

The signal was also anticipated for Rio de Janeiro, Florianópolis and Vitória. With this, 5G will be in operation in 12 capitals of the country. According to Anatel, the other 15 capitals in the country should receive the service by November.

  • 5G: Find out when the new technology arrives in Palmas and cities in Tocantins
  • With the arrival of 5G, residents who watch open TV with a satellite dish will have to change equipment

5G promises great technological advances in the areas of communication, engineering, traffic and even medicine due to the high speed to download and send files, reducing the response time between different devices and making connections more stable.

Anatel’s forecast is that the signal will initially arrive only in some neighborhoods of the cities contemplated, as the auction notice determined the operators to install one antenna for every 100,000 inhabitants.

Over time, more antennas will be required per inhabitant. The Agency’s expectation is that the cities will have complete coverage before the maximum period of 4 years that is foreseen in the public notice, as the operators are requesting the installation of more antennas than required.

The fifth generation of the mobile internet network promises a true revolution with ultra-fast connection and several technological advances. In July, Anatel released a schedule of when the new technology will arrive in Brazilian cities.

This evolution of the network will make it possible to connect many objects to the internet at the same time: cell phone, car, traffic light, clock. All of this can already be linked to 4G, but an improvement in the connection is expected.

The arrival of 5G also depends on vacating the band from 3,625 MHz to 3,700 MHz, which is currently used by satellite dishes on open TV and therefore kits will be distributed to part of the population.

This distribution has already started in the capital and will serve people registered in CadÚnico and benefited by the government’s social programs will receive the free kit.

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