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In Bullet Train, Ladybug (Brad Pitt) is an unlucky assassin, determined to do his job peacefully after too many missions go off the rails. Nearly giving up on his career, he is recruited by Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock) to collect a suitcase on a bullet train going from Tokyo to Morioka. Fate, however, may have other plans, as Ladybug’s latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the world – all with connected but conflicting objectives. On board are fellow assassins Kimura, Prince, Tangerine and Lemon. On the world’s fastest train – one of Japan’s Shinkansen bullet trains – Ladybug comes under threat with a bomb that will automatically explode if the train slows below 80 kilometers per hour unless a ransom is paid. And he needs to figure out how to get out.
Not recommended for under 16s



August 4, 2022 In the cinema / 2h 07min / Action, Thriller
Directed by: David Leitch
Original title Bullet Train

Brad Pitt
Character : Ladybug
Joey King
Character: Prince
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Character: Tangerine
Brian Tyree Henry
Character : Lemon
Andrew Koji
Character: Kimura
Hiroyuki Sanada
Character: Elder
Michael Shannon
Character: White Death
bad bunny
Character: Wolf

Rooms and schedules

/ UCI Palladium
Room 4: 19:15. Saturday and Sunday show 20:30
Room 4: Dub. 16:35. Saturday and Sunday show 17:50
Room 8: Dub. Saturday and Sunday. 14:20

/ ICU Station
Room 10: 20:20. Saturday and Sunday show 21:40
Room 10: Dub. 17:40. Saturday and Sunday display 14:00, 19:00

/ Cinemark Park Shopping Barigui
Room 2: Dub. 15:50
Room 2: 21:45

/ Cinemark Mueller
Room 7: Dub. 18:45
Room 7: 21:45

/ Cineplex Batel
Room 4: 14:05, 18:30, 20:45

/ Cinesystem Shopping Curitiba
Room 4: 21:00

/ Cinesystem Shopping City
Room 3: Dub. 21:35. Sunday there will be no showing

/ Cinesystem Shopping Ventura
Room 5: Dub. 16:45. Sunday displays 16:00

/ Cinepolis Patio Batel
Room 1: 15:30, 18:30, 21:50. Monday and Tuesday does not display 21:50

/ Cinepolis Jockey Plaza
Room 5: Dub. 17:15, 20:15

/ Cine Tour
Room 2: 19:45. Monday there will be no showing

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