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Cruzeiro made changes not only in the professional squad, but also in the basic categories, especially in the under-20. It generated savings of R$ 2.8 million with eight departures. Some of these even surprised, for being starters in the junior team. Pedro Martins, executive director of the club, explained the changes.

Pezzolano's work at Cruzeiro is among the best in the country?

Pezzolano’s work at Cruzeiro is among the best in the country?

“Many changes that have taken place have taken into account two major points: the future potential and the financial and commercial conditions for Cruzeiro.”

– And within that, we made several decisions, which is a reformulation process that is broad and will not happen overnight.

Among the names that are no longer in Toca, the highlights are defender Paulo (he went to Portugal, and Cruzeiro kept part of the rights for future sale) and midfielder Vitinho (terminated and no longer any connection with the club). The side Riquelmy was loaned to Vila Nova-GO.

The three have been praised by recent professional coaches. The defender played in Série B 2021, and the midfielder had a contract renewed last year, after interest from Palmeiras, and was used by Pezzolano in a match for Mineiro.

Paulo left Cruzeiro and is in Santa Clara, from Portugal — Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro

“Bora de Brasileirão! The biggest offer of games for a price that gives game. Sign the Premiere!”

Pedro Martins did not mention, separately, the situation of each athlete who left Toca. The director, however, said that all contracts and categories were – and still are – analyzed, aiming not only financial alignment, but also sporting profile.

– We tried to analyze the contracts, the cost that many of these contracts had for the club, and the profile of the athletes. (…) This takes time, this will make Cruzeiro, over the years, manage to regain its leading role in the process of training athletes.

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At the moment, Cruzeiro works with four categories: under-14, under-15, under-17 and under-20, and Pedro says that, with the current project, the club will once again train athletes, even thinking about sustainability, with sporting and financial return.

“It’s a future project for the club. We are very careful, analyzing all the changes, from the under-14 to the under-20. Cruzeiro will be a training club.”

– A sustainable club needs to train athletes, it needs to put these athletes in the main team, but we know it’s not simple, it’s not easy to change something as complex as the basic categories.

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One of the analyzes made by Ronaldo’s team, since the beginning of the year, was the need for improvements in the structure of Toca da Raposa I, which houses most of the basic categories – the under-20 trains at Toca II. Pedro once again emphasizes the need to modernize the CT.

– We know that Toca I was outdated for many years. The club is already making some improvements, some important changes, but it is still far from being an ideal structure. The club is working day by day in a very firm way, and you will follow, step by step, a club that will be very aligned in methodological terms, from the beginning of the categories to the professional.

5 Star Partner – Cruzeiro — Photo: Publicity

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