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The CSA defended itself from Vasco’s accusations that it would be infringing the General Competition Regulations by charging a different ticket price for the visiting fans on Thursday night, at the Rei Pelé Stadium.

In a letter sent to the Alagoas Football Federation, the club justified the difference between the prices and guaranteed that there is no illegality. According to the document, the values ​​are different because the sectors are not equivalent.

It turns out that, unlike what was reported by the visiting Club, the ticket price charged for sector D (visitor) does not infringe the provisions of Art. 86 § 4 of the General Regulation of Competitions (RGC) of the Brazilian Football Confederation of 2022, as we can see below.
Paragraph 4 of the aforementioned article establishes that “The prices of tickets for the visiting fans must necessarily have, in the respective sectors of the stadium or equivalent, the same values ​​of the tickets charged for the local fans…”.
This paragraph does not fit into what is now being discussed. As can be seen, there is no Sector D for the local fans, and therefore, there is no parameter for any comparison between the values ​​for the local and visiting fans.

Omar Coêlho signed a letter forwarding it to the FAF — Photo: Ascom/CSA

President of CSA, Omar Coêlho also commented that the amount charged by the club to the visiting fans is the same as in other games.

In addition, the value that has been practiced in all CSA games for Sector D is the amount of R$ 80.00 (eighty reais) half-price and R$ 160.00 (one hundred and sixty reais) in full, being certain that this Sector of the Stadium is closer to the Special Sector 1 and 2 of the local fans, which in turn, has been sold for the amount of R$ 100.00 (one hundred reais) half-price and R$ 200.00 (two hundred reais) in full, so the ticket price charged to the visiting sector is in line with that charged to the local fans.

The official letter also cited the prices charged by the CRB in the confrontation against Grêmio, last Saturday, for the 24th round of the Brazilian.

The aforementioned statement is a common point for the most varied football clubs because the expenses generated from the arrival of visiting fans is a fact that cannot be avoided. As an example, there is data referring to the match between CRB x Grêmio, played on 08/13/2022, also at the Rei Pelé stadium. As can be seen in the file attached here, taken from the website https://www.futebolcard.com/information?event=9248, for Sector D – Visitors, tickets cost R$ 75.00 (half) and R$ 150 .00 (full), price very close to that stipulated for the same sector in the dispute between CSA x Vasco.

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