Eleven men and a secret

According to a report by Puck NewsRyan Gosling is in talks to join the cast of the next film in the 11th Century franchise, which will feature Margot Robbie in the lead role.

The two recently worked together on Barbie, also from Warner Bros. pictures.

‎The studio’s objective, according to the website, is to release it in theaters, fitting into the new strategy implemented by the CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav.

There’s an expectation of a bigger budget compared to previous films in the franchise, but it won’t be as expensive as major productions like Netflix’s ‎‎The Hidden Agent, starring Gosling himself.‎

Jay ‎‎Roach‎‎a four-time Emmy winner who worked alongside Robbie on the scandalwill drive, while Carrie Solomon (The Good Fight) handles the script.

The plot will be set in Europe in the 1960s, with no further details for now.

Robbie and Tom Ackerly will produce for LuckyChapnext to Roach and Michelle Graham at Everyman Pictures.‎

Principal photography is expected to begin in the spring of next year. That is, between March and June.


‎The filmmaker Steven Soderbergh launched the franchise – based on the classic rat pack — with 2001’s 11th Century Man. The film, starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Julia Roberts, grossed $450 million worldwide.

This success allowed for two direct sequels, Twelve Men and Another Secret (2004) and Thirteen Men and a New Secret (2007), and a derivative, Eight Women and a Secret (2018).

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