Even live fish tested for covid amid new outbreak in China

  • Kerry Allen
  • BBC Monitoring

A person holds a thin cotton swab near the mouth of a silverfish

Credit, Jinan Times

photo caption,

Live fish tested for covid

More than five million people had to undergo tests for covid-19 in the coastal city of Xiamen, China, after about 40 cases of the virus were detected this week.

People weren’t the only ones to be tested: an official warning states that some marine life should also be included in the wave of mass testing.

In recent weeks, the Jimei District Maritime Pandemic Control Committee in Xiamen has issued a notice saying that when the boats return to ports, “both the fishermen and their fish and seafood must be tested”.

The result was that, in the midst of this latest outbreak, video footage appeared on various social media platforms, including Douyin — China’s local version of TikTok — showing healthcare workers doing PCR-type tests on live fish and crabs.

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