Geisy Arruda’s hollowed-out swimsuit ends up revealing more than it should at the time of bronze: “Solzinho”

Good summer… in Europe! Geisy Arruda broke the internet this Thursday (18) by revealing a new click of her adventures in Europe while enjoying her stay in Portugal. The muse returned to pose with the controversial pink color and, as always, caused on social networks with her good shape!

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On the beach and enjoying the heat of the gringa, Geisy rocked her pink “angel” swimsuit and left fans drooling as she exposed her daring sun mark, assuring the crowd that her tan is always up to date on the best occasions, of course.

“What a spectacle, it’s an absurdity of beauty”, reacted a follower in the comments of the publication, which earned several compliments for the muse. “I wish it was all that hot here too to see you on the beach”, joked another internet user. “Think of an ardent woman…”, fired a third. Check out the muse’s record:

Geisy Arruda releases the verb on motherhood: “Society pressure”

Gave your opinion! Recently, Geisy Arruda participated in the program “Casos de Família”, from SBT, and exposed what she thinks about the pressure that women suffer to have children. The muse was quite outraged by the pressure of society and released the verb during the attraction.

“You are no less a woman for not being a mother. If a woman wasn’t born with the motherly spirit, she doesn’t have to put anyone in the world. She is what? A hen to hatch eggs? We need to talk about women who don’t want to be mothers. We suffer a lot with judgments, with pressure from society”, said Geisy.

The OnlyFans muse also revealed that she was pressured to get pregnant inside her own home and was quite outraged by the episode. “My mother turned to me and said that I needed to have a child, the child is the light of a woman, which will bless you in heaven. I said: Mother, son is a passport? A ticket to heaven?” Geisy snapped.

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