Hairdresser ‘breaks up’ with client who cut with another and goes viral

The “breakup” of a barber with a client who would have “betrayed” him by going to another salon became the center of a good-natured discussion on social networks, after a series of prints showed the beauty professional’s sorrow with the alleged infidelity, compared to the end of a love relationship.

“Research on YouTube about ‘customer dismissal’, there are thousands of videos talking about it”, says the barber when asked by the customer about his decision not to serve him anymore, in prints of a Whatsapp conversation that does not identify those involved in the debate, nor where it took place.

The boy regrets the professional’s attitude, stating that he liked the cut made by him, receiving a response that was successful among the profiles that followed the dialogue.

“And I loved cutting his hair. One of the most perfect hair I’ve ever had”, praises the barber, justifying that he was ending his relationship with the client because he took too long to look for him, after he changed salons.

“I moved and you didn’t try to find out where… See? This type of customer that wears us out”, says one of the messages from the barber.

“Brother, small gestures show us great things, thank you for every day you came, from the heart”, concludes the man.

The conversation, posted by a profile that usually shares memes, shows prints that would have been made from the client’s cell phone and identify the professional only as “Hair”.

But despite doubts about the authenticity of the exchange of messages, many users of the social network took the opportunity to share their own experiences and opinions about “infidelity”.

“I think the guy has to give the barber some time, let them both cool off and later on everything goes back to normal”, advised one.

“I cut it at another location and bumped into my barber on the street. Five minutes later his WhatsApp status was this: ‘Customer loyalty is priceless,'” said another, amusing followers with another dramatic example.

“The biggest betrayal anyone can commit is with the barber,” joked a third.

The answer started a conversation that continued comparing the relationship between client and hairdresser to a relationship: “I switched, but it was because my barber moved to Portugal. Traveling from here to there to get a haircut is kind of expensive”, joked a young man.

“For me, this is just an excuse, brother. Whoever wants to, makes it happen”, replied another, without losing his good mood.

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