“Intellectually null and cowardly”; Facincani defends Abel Ferreira again, bullies Jorginho and drives Verdão fans crazy

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Journalist once again came out in defense of coach Abel Ferreira; recently, Fancincani hit coach Cuca

Photo: ESPN Brasil/YouTube
Photo: ESPN Brasil/YouTube

Palmeiras continues to prepare for the decisive duel this Sunday (21) against Flamengo, at Allianz Parque, in a game valid for the 23rd round of the Brasileirão. Verdão, in case of triumph over the Cariocas, will open 12 points of the main opponent in the season. Even because of that, Abel Ferreira and his squad are focused and have hardly given interviews in recent days. The motto is total focus on the “battle” of the next weekend.

Meanwhile, Abel Ferreira continues to have his name commented on in the coaches’ press conferences. On the night of this Wednesday (17), coach Jorginho returned to poke the Portuguese. This time, Dunga’s former assistant compared Abel Ferreira to Vitor Pereira, who according to the professional is a much nicer person than the Palmeiras coach.

“I have to congratulate Vitor for the great game they played. We had a great game at home, he is a super nice guy, he greeted me very well, something very different from Abel. I’ve hosted here about 3 times and never received a handshake. One Portuguese has nothing to do with another. I specifically spoke of 1 Portuguese: Do Abel Ferreira. Not from Vitor, from Luis… I want to make that very clear. It’s not a question of nationality, it’s a question of the person”said.

In a video released last Tuesday (16), the journalist André Hernan stated that Abel Ferreira has been following the attacks on his name, but made it clear that he will not respond to criticism, since he is focused only on winning the Copa Libertadores and trying for the unprecedented title of the Brasileirão. However, some journalists are on the coach’s side and have been defending him with “tooth and nails” in recent days. This is the case of journalist Felipe Facincani, from ESPN.

In the F-90 program, this Thursday (18), the journalist scolded Jorginho and asked for explanations as to why the Brazilian coach managed to concede 8 goals for Palmeiras and Corinthians in his passage in São Paulo: “I think people have to stop of wanting to have rules of etiquette for everyone like Jorginho did yesterday. Explain why in two visits to São Paulo he concedes 8 goals in half time instead of worrying about the opponent’s handshake. That’s why some coaches have opportunities in 2, 3 years in big clubs and winners and they are champions and others who are working triple the time in front of these technicians keep wanting to look at the top floor and they will not be able to get there. That’s why they are eternally taxed as assistants because don’t evolve in their careers in the mentality. The portrait of Atlético Goianiense yesterday on the field against Corinthians was a portrait of his coach: intellectually null and coward. It’s as simple as that. er than the work on the field itself, which is a job that was poorly done and is being poorly managed and its objective has been to fight at the bottom of the table instead of evolving a team that has been in the first division for some time just looking for a place better in the sun and because of this type of character he remains stagnant where he is”; completed.

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