“It gets so ridiculous”


Romario shared the video in which the influencer appears talking about the betrayal rumors

Photo: Instagram/Marcelle Ceolin
Photo: Instagram/Marcelle Ceolin

After staying together for 7 months and moving in together, digital influencer Marcelle Ceolin and former football player Romário ended their relationship. Shortly after the disclosure of the end of the relationship, rumors emerged that the influencer would have broken up with the short man after discovering that she was being cheated on with two other women. She denied.

This Friday (19), Marcelle appeared on Instagram indignant with the information of betrayal that is circulating: “I try to be neutral and not express myself here, not talk about certain things about my personal life, but guys, sometimes it gets so ridiculous the desperation to ‘sell material’, seriously, I’m laughing”, she said in the stories.

In a caption on the published videos, Marcelle, who is 25 years younger than Romário, denied the betrayal and told the real reason for the breakup with the former player: “Romário and I broke up because our lives are in different rhythm and projects. Therefore, by mutual agreement, we decided to follow only as friends”, she wrote on the social network.

Romário reposted the ex-girlfriend’s publication in the stories and also published it in the feed, with the caption: “People lose their limits to gain clicks on news. But lies will always be refuted around here. I register my respect for Marcelle. Thank you for debunking this story,” he concluded. The now ex-couple started dating in February this year and according to the Extra newspaper, they were already planning the wedding. This would not be the first marriage for Romário, who has already been married four times.

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