Kitty to prevent former goalkeeper Bruno from being arrested beats R$ 20 thousand

Online crowdfunding started by the wife of former goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes hits more than R$ 20 thousand after a few days of opening.

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The wife of former goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes opened, this Sunday (14), a online kitty to help her husband pay off R$ 90,000 in debts related to his son’s alimony with Eliza Samudio. So far, the campaign has raised over R$20,000 and gathered around 230 supporters.

Beautician Ingrid Calheiros, Bruno’s wife, started the campaign after the Court issued an arrest warrant for the former goalkeeper on August 10. Bruno has several payments of his son’s child support in arrears.

The announcement of the opening of the crowdfunding was published on the Instagram profile of Bruno Fernandes by his wife. “Last week, we were summoned to pay the pension of R$ 90 thousand. We tried agreement, payment plan, installment and nothing was accepted. Remembering that Bruno is obliged to pay pension, but is prevented from working. He was imprisoned for almost 10 years,” Ingrid said.

What can free the former goalkeeper from prison?

Ingrid Calheiros informs that only full payment can suspend her husband’s arrest warrant, who is already serving time under house arrest for triple qualified murder.

According to his wife, Bruno has no money. “No one believes that he no longer has money, that he has lost everything to lawyers, that he no longer has any kind of asset and income. So, I decided to create an online vakinha. Maybe it’s an impulse, maybe it’s a mistake, but it’s an attempt. We don’t have that money and I don’t know what to do,” she added.

On July 7, 2010, Bruno Fernandes was arrested for the death of Eliza Samudio. In 2013, the former goalkeeper was convicted of the crimes of triple qualified murder, kidnapping and concealment of a corpse. The sentences totaled 20 years and 9 months in prison. However, after completing the necessary time, in 2019, Bruno was entitled to the semi-open regime.

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Image: Cristiane Mattos / AFP

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