Lenovo Pad Pro (2022) has 120Hz OLED screen and name almost the same as another tablet

Lenovo announced a tablet that comes ready to make the user speak its name and be confused with the iPad Pro: the Pad Pro (2022), without the “i” itself. The notebook supports a keyboard in the form of the brand’s own cover, a stylus pen and uses the not-so-recent Mediatek Dimensity 1300T, in addition to a 120Hz OLED screen.

Let’s face it, it will be difficult for the buyer of this tablet to say “Pad Pro” and not be confused with Apple’s own iPad Pro. The similarities between the two models end there, because in this one Android 12 displays the content generated by the operating system on an 11.2-inch OLED screen certified for Dolby Vision and HDR10+, in addition to an update marked at 120Hz, but the frequency for ringtone registration reaches 360Hz.


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Lenovo Pad Pro (2022) (Image: publicity/Lenovo)
Lenovo Pad Pro (2022) (Image: publicity/Lenovo)

Lenovo Pad Pro (2022) does not have 4G

All of this is right above the Mediatek Dimensity 1300T, which can be factory-equipped with 6 or 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal space. The connection with the world happens only by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, since the Pad Pro (2022) does not have a modem for 4G or LTE. A four-speaker system uses Dolby Atmos to deliver greater immersion to the user.

The battery has 8,200 mAh and can be recharged with 30 watt chargers. There is a camera on the back and it has 13 megapixels, enough to scan documents or take a picture in bright environments. On the front another sensor delivers 8 megapixels and is certainly enough for video calls.

When and how much?

Lenovo Pad Pro (2022) (Image: publicity/Lenovo)
Lenovo Pad Pro (2022) (Image: publicity/Lenovo)

The Lenovo Pad Pro (2022) is already on pre-order in China and it starts arriving for customers starting next week. The prices there are like this:

  • 6GB + 128GB: 2,199 yuan (approximately BRL 1,680);
  • 8GB + 128GB: 2,499 yuan (approximately BRL 1,910).

Via: GSMArena.

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