Linux Mint 21 “Vanessa” brings stability-focused desktop

If you’ve been following the Linux world for some time, you should already know that usually the years ending in even numbers, like 2022, bring the new LTS version of Ubuntu and with it, new versions of operating systems based on it.

One of the most successful Ubuntu-based distributions is Linux Mint, a system developed in Ireland that offers an interface very similar to the one we have in Windows, aiming to offer ease and stability for new users of the penguin system.

Recently, the Linux Mint team released its version 21, nicknamed Vanessa, which arrived with few, but important news.

Nothing has changed, at least visually

If you download the new Linux Mint 21 “Vanessa” and take a good look at the system, you will find that nothing has changed, as it continues with the same green, the same taskbar and even the wallpaper of its last edition.

This will make you think that the new version of Linux Mint is just an ordinary update, without much news, which is not necessarily true, since for version 21 of the system, the team focused on another aspect of the system, stability.

Although for many users the Mint interface still needs a lot of improvement, the team decided that at least this time it would not be the priority and worked on several changes in the system “engine”, such as:

Bluetooth usage improvements

Linux Mint has always used Blueberry, an interface for GNOME Bluetooth, however, with the changes that have taken place in GNOME, the Linux Mint solution has become “obsolete”, as GNOME Bluetooth is no longer compatible with Blueberry.

With that, the Linux Mint developers chose to bring Blueman, interface for Bluez, as the new bluetooth manager of the system that, although it does not have an interface as simple as Blueberry, will bring even more features to Mint users.

image 3

System-integrated backups?

Another news that delighted Linux Mint users (and Timeshift users as well) is that the Linux Mint team took over the development of the Timeshift backup utility, after the developer announced that it would stop developing this software to focus on others. projects.

This means that in the future we could see a Timeshift even more integrated with Linux Mint, and new backup solutions integrated with this software so dear to the Linux community.

Although there is still no news in this software, we can celebrate that thanks to the Linux Mint team and its developers, another free software will continue to live for years and years to come.

image 2

If you want to check out these latest news in full, we have an article on the Diolinux Blog that talks more about these latest topics in full.

Cinnamon 5.4, learn about the improvements of the new version of this interface

As it is a Linux Mint release, the team could not fail to include some small improvements in the main interface of their system, Cinnamon, which arrived in its 5.4 version bringing few, however, important changes.

image 1

Now, it has a newer version of Muffin (its window manager) that focuses on bringing even more stability to the interface, in addition to bringing a JavaScript interpreter that is based on the latest versions of Mutter (GNOME’s window manager). ).

The new version of Cinnamon can also adapt to other logic monitors and brought better support for screens that work in HiDPI.

Other news from Linux Mint 21

Although Linux Mint 21 is a release focused on stability, the team decided to bring some new features that will further improve the quality of your system for new and old users, some of which are:

  • Reduction of system shutdown time to 10 seconds;
  • package availability grub2-theme-mint-2k in the system repositories for users who have screens with HiDPI;
  • Removing the Snap Store on the system (learn how to activate it in the Linux Mint manual);
  • Various fixes to improve system performance in virtual machines (especially in VirtualBox);
  • Nemo file manager can now display thumbnails of more file formats;
  • Linux kernel 5.15;
  • Fixed “out of memory” issues when trying to boot the system.

Another novelty that may seem useless to some users is related to the Sticky Notes application, which creates some “post-it” blocks on the user’s desktop, so that he can store quick notes.

Now when creating a post-it on the screen, it will automatically receive a different color, so you can quickly differentiate yourself from existing blocks.


Using Linux Mint on your machine

Undoubtedly, Linux Mint is one of the best options for you to enter the Linux world and although its version with the Cinnamon interface is the best known by most users, it is not the only one.

If you have a computer with few hardware resources and want to use Linux Mint, the team provides users with versions with the MATE and XFCE interfaces that aim to be lighter.

Both versions have XApps developed by the Mint team, such as the text editor, Timeshift and Hypnotix, the main difference being the interface and the applications included in it, such as the Caja file manager for MATE and Thunar for XFCE .

If you already use Linux Mint on your computer or want to give this new version of the system a chance, you can download Linux Mint from the project’s official website.

Have you tried the new Linux Mint 21? What is your opinion about the “invisible” novelties of the project?

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