Memory full because of WhatsApp? See how to solve the problem

Have you ever been scared when you open your phone’s gallery and recognize several strange images, which you don’t remember downloading? This can happen because of the automatic WhatsApp download that is done from groups and individual conversations.

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To prevent your device from being cluttered with useless files, follow the steps below and disable the natural function of the messenger.

Here’s how to stop WhatsApp from filling your phone’s memory

Follow the steps described below to prevent WhatsApp from clogging up your phone’s memory:

1 – Open the app on an Android or iOS phone.

2 – If it’s Android, go to “More options” (icon represented by the three dots), tap “Settings” and then “Chats”.

On iOS (iPhone), tap “Settings” and then “Chats”.

3 – On Android, disable the option ‘Visibility of multimedia files’.

On the iPhone, we have deactivated the option ‘Save to photos’, so that neither they nor the videos that we receive are stored in the gallery of our mobile.

How to disable storage for a specific conversation or group:

1 – Open the messenger on iOS or Android phone and select the chat or conversation group most likely to send multimedia content.

2 – In WhatsApp for Android, click on ‘More Options’ (the three vertical dots icon) and then ‘View Contact’ or ‘Info’. of the group’. You can also tap the contact’s name or the subject of the group.

If you have an iPhone, tap directly on the contact’s name or the subject of the group.

3 – On Android, click on ‘Multimedia File Visibility’ > ‘No’ > ‘Ok’.

On iPhone, click ‘Save to Photos’ and choose the default option (equivalent to ‘No’) or ‘Never’.

It is worth noting that all the procedures described above are reversible and can be recovered if the user wishes. Just follow the reverse path of what was explained in each of the steps.

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