Milton Neves points to the final of the Copa do Brasil, RMP reveals Gabigol’s “jealousy”: the media bombs today | fans

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In the day following the definition of three of the four semifinalists of the Copa do Brasil – São Paulo and América-MG today define the last classified –, the Brazilian press had a lot of impact on the competition games and has already started to make projections for the other phases.

Check out some of the top news from the sports press today:

Milton Neves wins the final of the Copa do Brasil and indicates favorite for the title

In a debate on Bandeirantes radio this Thursday (18), the presenter and commentator pointed out that in the Corinthians x Fluminense duel, the Carioca team will advance, while on the other side of the bracket Flamengo will eliminate whoever comes, whether São Paulo or América-MG (the two teams face each other today and define the last classified.

“Anyone who arrives at Flamengo will lose. The final has everything to be Flamengo x Fluminense. I think it’s going to be Fla-Flu”, stated Milton Neves on Rádio Bandeirantes.

Renato Maurício Prado says that Pedro’s good phase causes ‘jealousy’ and ‘envy’ in Gabigol

On this Thursday’s UOL News Esporte, commentator Renato Maurício Prado, who is a Flamengo fan, revealed that Pedro’s current protagonism to the detriment of Gabigol may weigh at some point.

“As much as the two are playing well, understanding each other, it is clear that there is a little jealousy, a ‘jealousy’ inside, he who was the great scorer to see Pedro start to score one goal after another. More than that, Pedro will end up going to the Cup and he won’t, so I think he’s very anxious to show ‘here I’m still the top scorer’, and then he’s making a mistake. The goal he missed is unacceptable for a player of his category”, said Renato Maurício Prado.

Nilson Cesar scores Brazil Cup finalist teams and points favorite

Although no one yet knows what the next games will be like, for the narrator Nilson Cesar, from Jovem Pan radio, Corinthians and Flamengo will be in the decision this year.

“In the Copa do Brasil we already have a defined semifinal game: Corinthians and Fluminense. Corinthians will pass. Corinthians will be a finalist in the Copa do Brasil“, said the narrator on social media.

“In the other game, Flamengo will pass. Whether playing with São Paulo or América-MG, Flamengo will pass“, said Nilson Cesar.

“I think the final of the Copa do Brasil will be Corinthians x Flamengo. I think it will be very cool and Flamengo is the favorite in the decision. Favorite to win the Copa do Brasil“, he analyzed.

After recovering Libertadores, Globo may lose another championship to SBT

According to Flavio Ricco’s column, in R7, this Thursday (18), Silvio Santos’ broadcaster has advanced conversations with the top leadership of the CBF so that the competition is shown by SBT.

“Doing the math here, among everything that was discussed at CBF, between the president of the entity and the directors of SBT on Monday, the Brazilian Championship of Series B is the only one that presents itself in conditions of a possible negotiation between the parties “, wrote Flavio Ricco.

According to the columnist, SBT is also interested in taking over the broadcasts of Série A and Copa do Brasil, but both should continue with Globo.

PVC makes projection for Botafogo season: “These are two perfectly possible goals”

In an interview with ‘Canal do TF’, the commentator Paulo Vinicius Coelhobetter known as PVC, spoke about the current situation in Botafogo.

“Luís Castro has the possibility of working with more labor supply. Whether this will result in a competitive team is another story. It seems to me that this year Botafogo plays not to fall to Serie B and, if possible, guarantee a spot in the Sudamericana. These are two perfectly possible goals. Botafogo changed a lot from the first to the second round, and I say it changed for the better”, he pointed out.

Vampeta pins the final of the Copa do Brasil: “It’s my final”

“And changed! my bet [para a final da Copa do Brasil] is Flamengo and Corinthians”, revealed Vampeta in Canelada, by Jovem Pan.

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