Mirella lays on the sand, leaves her butt breaded and takes a bold angle photo on the beach

Sextou in style! Mirella decided to leave fans completely shocked by releasing breathtaking clicks during the dawn of this Friday (19) to publicize her new essay. The muse provoked enjoying a day at the beach and warmed up the cold weather to prepare the hearts of internet users for the weekend!

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The singer innovated in the look to enjoy the beach vibe and bet on a very vibrant purple bikini to draw the attention of the crowd. Mirella appeared sporting her sculptural “breaded” shape while posing at ease showing off her good shape to the more than 27 million internet users on Instagram.

The fans, of course, did not skimp on the praise for the brunette. “Mirella never disappoints with these rehearsals”, fired a follower in the comments of the publication. “She’s a devil,” drooled another netizen. “Mirella is too perfect,” said a third, praising the muse. Check out the clicks:

Mirella talks about unusual preferences when having sex

Opened the game! Recently, Mirella answered questions from Instagram followers and addressed super unusual subjects with the crowd. Through Stories, the muse commented on her preferences at the time of intimacy and shocked netizens.

“You have to be naughty and take care of my fire so I don’t run away. If it’s rude, stupid and joking around, I’ll run. I’m just watching the details”, wrote Mirella when revealing what makes her give up on a boy at the time of flirting.

Regarding her preferences, the singer said: “I like them both, but in general, I’m the one who likes to dominate. There are times when I just want to be dominated too. I’m very moony, I like to be in charge, but I also get tied up when they’re bossing me around (only at those times)”.

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