Movie “Money Game”, directed by Jodie Foster

Have you ever heard about high frequency operations carried out in the financial market through algorithms? What about market manipulation crimes? You’ve probably heard about it, but otherwise, the “Money Game” is a good choice for you.


The film premiered in 2016 and the cast is formed by George Clooney (Lee Gates), Julia Roberts (Patty Fenn), Jack O’Connell (Kyle Budwell) among others. You watch it is on the main platforms of streaming.

The film is not very long, is 1h39min long, is classified as a thriller and was directed by Jodie Foster.

What is the context of “The Money Game”?

Well, the plot takes place on a television show. That’s right, the entire movie is set within a television context. Lee Gate (George Clooney) is the main character. In the context, Lee presents the show “Money Monster”.

Money Monster is a television show about the financial market. The program is different, as it is in the format of a show, that is, the financial tips announced by Lee are through a relaxed speech, music, sound and visual effects.

How it all began…

You’ve probably heard about trading robots by now. In general, they are algorithms that perform high-frequency operations that would be humanly impossible to perform.

In Jogo do Dinheiro, the problem starts with a company that has this core business: negotiations through algorithms. The company in question is IBIS, which for “algorithm crash”, as announced by the company’s CEO as an explanation for the disappearance of US$ 800 million.

However, days before the crash, Lee announced on the program that IBIS is an interesting case to make the investment, as the past return was already quite expressive. At this point, we can already make a parallel with real life: the importance of being careful when receiving referrals without first carrying out a minimal analysis of the investment.

Where’s my savings? Gone with the pan!

From the indication transmitted by Lee, many people made the investment in IBIS. But, with the “crash”, many lost money. Among them, Kyle Budwell, who invested all his savings in the company and found himself without any resources overnight.

As a reaction to this, Kyle Budwell breaks into Lee Gates’ Money Monster program and takes him hostage. The initial objective was to hold Lee, the CEO of IBIS, hostage, who would participate in the program on the same day, but who, because he was unable to attend at the time, had his face-to-face participation canceled and was represented by the public relations manager.

“Pane”, running and the live broadcast

After holding Lee hostage with an explosive vest, Kyle demands that everything be televised or Lee and the entire team would consequently be dead from the explosion. At this point, Kyle’s act of desperation presents a dark side as well that can be caused to more novice investors.

That is, the loss may be too great for small investors. Kyle lost all the money he had saved on a single investment he made because he saw a nomination on TV. In real life, we see many such cases.

Many scams and financial pyramids are responsible for taking people and families to the bottom. Therefore, one of the points that Jogo do Dinheiro highlights is: be careful when it comes to money. There are a lot of good people in the market, but there are also a lot of bad people.

Was it really pan?

During the tense moments televised with Kyle’s suicidal attitudes, a series of points begin to occur with the aim of calming Kyle and seeking a non-catastrophic solution.

In the midst of this search, many questions arise: what exactly was the problem of the algorithm? What does the SEC (American regulatory body for the financial market) say about algorithms? Who created the algorithm and what is the result for the investigation into the breakdown?

These and other questions unfold throughout the film and it also raises the point that not only investors, but the bodies responsible for regulating the market need to be alert and closely monitor the sudden changes in financial market reality.

Many questions are raised and a key question is: was it really an algorithm crash?

Well, to know the answer to that question, you’re going to need to watch it. But is it worth watching?

Recommend or pass?

The ratings for the movie are not high, but I believe that “Money Game” is very interesting to watch. Although it is immersed in action and tension at almost all times, many points addressed reinforce the need for us, individual investors, to pay attention when carrying out any type of investment.

Observing the viability of the business, the investment, who is behind the company or the fund, are necessary ways that make the risk of losing all the money, as Kyle lost, to be mitigated.

The movie is a good choice for the weekend! It’s worth watching!

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