Nubank has a new function for paying bills: understand!

Nubank launched NuTap, a fully digital card machine for contactless payments. Check out!

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Nubank released, in May 2022, a new modality to make life easier for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. NuTap is a 100% digital card machine present in Nubank’s Legal Entities (PJ) accounts. Transactions are made by approximation.

The new function will accept payments from debit and credit cards, as well as sales with Pix via QRCode. According to fintech, with NuTap it will be possible to receive payments from digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.

The service has no membership or monthly fee and also does not require a minimum sales volume. The costs involved are 30% lower than the big brands on the market. Interest for cash payments starts at 3.19% while for installment payments it can reach 12.49%. The transaction takes one business day.

How does NuTap work?

Users will be able to obtain payments directly from their cell phone. The system supports cards with approach technology in addition to digital wallets.

To start using it, the user must request it in the bank’s application through the “meet NuTap” button. From the request, Nubank checks the account and the cell phone itself to see if the device meets the eligibility and security factors required by the bank.

It is worth noting that the service will be gradually offered to all customers.

For now, NuTap only works with Mastercard and Visa. However, according to the company, the digital machine must accept other flags over time.

Purpose of Nubank’s new feature

The main objective of the NuTap tool is to make life easier for Nubank customers. According to the institution, payments by approximation have been gaining space in recent times, but, often, due to the high transition rates and costs with the exchange of machines, entrepreneurs give up joining the system.

With NuTap, PJ can carry out transactions through their cell phone without the need for a machine that offers the device. It is worth mentioning that the movements are safe.

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