Renan is authorized by the court to play outside Brazil after an accident

Defender Renan, investigated for the death of a motorcyclist in the interior of São Paulo last month, was authorized by the court to leave Brazil to resume his career as a player. After the accident, the 20-year-old athlete had his contract terminated for just cause by Palmeiras and Red Bull Bragantino.

“I grant the request to replace the precautionary measures imposed on the defendant in these records, so that I determine the return of the passport to the applicant, as well as authorize him to leave the country, aiming at his reintegration into the labor market”, wrote Judge Nicole de Almeida Campos Leite Colombini in the decision this Wednesday (17) to which the UOL Esporte had access.

Also according to the decision, Renan will have his passport back to leave the country, ‘aiming at his reinsertion into the job market’, and will have to appear in court every four months, or when he is summoned, ‘having to keep the your updated address in the records’.

In his defense, Renan’s lawyer, Roberto Podval, claimed that ‘the employment contract with national teams was terminated, due to the events, and he needs to resume his career as a football player and the above restrictions prevent him from achieving it. ‘.

Another reason that weighed on the decision is that Renan has already signed an agreement for the payment of compensation for moral and material damages to the motorcyclist’s family, who was married and left two daughters.

remember the case

The accident happened on the morning of July 22, around 6:40 am (Brasília time), at kilometer 47 of the Alkindar Monteiro Junqyeira highway, in Bragança Paulista.

The defender was driving a Honda Civic when he invaded the wrong way and hit a Honda CG 160 motorcycle head-on. The accident resulted in the death of the motorcyclist, while the player was unharmed and refused to take the breathalyzer test.

Renan was hired on loan by Red Bull Bragantino in April this year. He was hired on loan by Red Bull Bragantino in April this year, he was at Palmeiras since the under-13 and went up to the professional level in 2020.

The defender was passed over by coach Abel Ferreira in the list of entries for Palmeiras in the 2021 Club World Cup, when the team was defeated in the final to Chelsea.

Renan admitted to drinking, said driver

In a report published last week, the UOL showed that the Civil Police of Bragança Paulista heard two drivers who were passing along the Alkindar Monteiro Junqueira highway at the time of the accident, around 6:40 am on July 22, a Friday.

According to the report of these testimonies, the defender was seen crying after running over and killing Eliezer Pena, admitting he was drunk, vomiting, ingesting two liters of water brought by an unidentified person and urinating on the sides of the highway, which connects the cities of Bragança and Itatiba.

Manslaughter or willful murder?

Initially, Renan’s case was classified as a manslaughter, in which there is no intention to kill and which carries a penalty of two to four years in prison – the sentence could increase since he was not licensed to drive.

But, if the police and the Public Ministry conclude that he took the risk of killing, the crime would be qualified as intentional homicide, which carries a greater penalty and is judged by the popular jury.

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