São Paulo grows its eye on the possibility of a millionaire jackpot and Ajax decides on United’s proposal for Antony

Sao Paulo

São Paulo is entitled to 20% of the amounts involved in the negotiation of the Cria de Cotia

(Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

O Sao Paulo is focused for the decision of the spot in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil. This Wednesday (18th), Tricolor faces América-MG, in Belo Horizontehowever, the day also marked a movement in the European ball market, which impacts the projections of Clube do Morumbi.

This is Antony. The cub of Cotia, who currently defends Ajax, from the Netherlands, was in the sights of Manchester United, from England, who offered 80 million euros (R$ 420 million) to sign the striker. However, the Dutch Club rejected the offer, blocking not only the transfer of the athlete, but also the possibility of São Paulo pocketing around R$ 70 million.

Tricolor sold Antony to Ajax in 2020. In the negotiation, which yielded 16 million euros to the Club’s coffers, the Sovereign signed the agreement, the right to receive 20% of any future negotiation involving his calf. Such a clause would be triggered, if the Dutch sold Antony for a greater value than the one closed with São Paulo, a fact that would be contemplated if the player had his transfer to Manchester United successfully completed.

The failure of talks between the Dutch and the British complicates São Paulo’s planning in terms of the goals that the Club has set. In a recently released balance sheet, Tricolor pointed out that it needs to raise R$ 142 million, through player negotiations. However, so far, R$ 44 million has been raised in transfers from Tiago Volpi, Tuta, Tchê Tchê, Jean and Marquinhos. The sale of Antony would add considerably to the amount received and would put São Paulo one step closer to its financial goal.

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