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Exploring the character’s relationship with her cousin, Hulk, the new Disney series promises an irreverent comedy for its viewers.

New success from Marvel Studios, She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes finally made its debut on Disney+. Arriving today (18) in the streaming catalogue, the production debuted worldwide with both feet in the door, earning great praise from specialized critics and also winning the hearts of viewers.

Taking into account the similarities between Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) and his cousin, Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), have you ever stopped to think about the main differences between the two Marvel personalities? Well then, check out some of them below through a list made by I love cinema:

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One of the most significant discrepancies between She-Hulk and her male counterpart in the MCU is that Jennifer Walters has complete control over her transformations. In the past, once Bruce Banner became the angry green character, he constantly struggled to control his emotions, thus preventing the Hulk persona from taking over. After being transformed, Banner also had extreme difficulty returning to human form.

In the series, She-Hulk (in the original) even jokes about Bruce being unable to control the mutation, often resorting to being knocked out by a big fall or a powerful blow to get back to normal. The character and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) also developed a technique involving a lullaby to help the hero regain his center, thus reverting to human form.


The reason why Walters is in control of her transformations is linked to the fact that she doesn’t have an alter ego, ie: in human form or during green form, she is always Jennifer Walters. She is always in control. For those who don’t remember, the MCU spent a lot of time showing how Banner’s two personalities have always been in constant conflict – before Professor Hulk took over for good. This was a journey of about 15 years, leading the character to finally come to terms with his alter ego, something Walters never had to deal with.


The MCU has also implied that one of She-Hulk’s differences to her cousin includes Jennifer’s somewhat “more advantageous” DNA. During Professor Hulk’s studies of the relative’s blood, he ends up discovering that they both share the same rare genetic factors that allow their blood to synthesize gamma radiation. That’s how the two survived exposure to lethal levels of the compound. However, the series implies that Jennifer’s DNA is even more efficient at this point. He synthesizes radiation differently, implying that the character has a higher healing factor than the Hulk.


Another big difference is in Walters’ ability to break the fourth wall, turning to the camera and talking to the viewer. At one point, even Banner is confused when he catches her making such a move, not understanding who she is talking to.

It is worth mentioning that the breaking of the fourth wall by the character predates that made by Deadpool in the comics and movies. She-Hulk (in the original) was already doing the deed in the comics long before Marvel’s chatty antihero.

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