Supercine: Globo shows the film ‘Uma Noite Mais Que Louca’ this Saturday (23/07/2022)

Globo shows the film Uma Noite Mais que Louca at Supercine

Globo shows the film Uma Noite Mais que Louca at Supercine

Globo selected a comedy for this Saturday’s Supercine (23). The movie that will air It is One Crazy Nightwhich was originally released in 2011 and airs from 0:20, right after Altas Horas.

The American feature film is directed by filmmaker Michael Dowse. The film is packed with movie stars like Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Dan Fogler, Michael Biehn, Teresa Palmer, and Topher Grace.

Synopsis and trailer for today’s Supercine

In the movie One Crazy Night that Globo airs this Saturday (23) at Supercine, Matt franklin is a 22-year-old recently graduated young man who doesn’t know what to do with his life. He could have a nice job in an office making a lot of money, but he prefers to work as a clerk at a video store.

When Tori Frederking, the girl he was in love with in high school, enters the establishment, he decides to try to win her over. Along with Wendy, his sister, and best friend Barry, Matt will take advantage of Kyle Masterson’s party invite to have the best night ever.

Watch the trailer for One Crazy Night:

More movies on Globe

Globo will show more blockbusters in the early hours of Saturday (23) to Sunday (24). The carioca broadcaster has cast two films for Corujão, which is now shown only on weekends.

Soon after the re-presentation of the day’s chapter of the soap opera Cara e Coragem, Globo airs Corujão. The first film to be shown will be Gone Girl. In the film, Amy Dunne disappears on her wedding anniversary, leaving her husband Nick in trouble. He starts acting wildly, abusing the lies, and becomes the police’s number one suspect. With the support of his twin sister, Margo, Nick tries to prove her innocence and, at the same time, tries to find out what happened to Amy.

Soon after, at 4:30 am, Corujão II exhibits Minutes ago. In the film, Nildo and Alonso are two scavengers whose lonely souls wander through life looking for the remains of discarded dreams and fears in search of a reason for their lives. Along with the horse Ruminant, his companion, the two share fantastic and surreal stories that sometimes border on insanity. They walk towards the construction of a new destiny for their existence, anguished by the passage of time.

The schedules are published by Globo in its official schedule and may change.

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