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This week, the first qualifier of the Americas RMR was marred by delays and problems. Last Wednesday (17), Epitacio “TACO” de Melo revealed that the 00Nation took DDoS attacks in every match he played.

Despite the good performance of the team and the classification for the RMR, TACO revealed in your twitter that the team would have been the target of attacks that cause the servers to go down. Because of this, the team had difficulties in disputing the qualifying games and had to stay until the dawn of this Thursday (18) disputing the series against the Flow – which was paused with connection issues.

In addition, during the first day of the qualifiers, it was common to see complaints about the platforms of ESLwho were not prepared for the amount of teams playing.

During their journey to secure a spot in the RMR, 00Nation encountered great national teams. On the first day, his opponents went to LoloNaMmente, where the TACO team didn’t show many difficulties when fitting a 16×6; and the sharks Sharks Esportswhere the competition was fiercer: 16×14 for 00Nation.

On the second day, to advance to the semis, it was enough to go through the Meta Gaming Brazil by 16×9 and then find the paiN Gaming – which emerged victorious in the best-of-three series (MD3). Finally, the team secured third place in the qualifiers by beating the Flow by 2×1 in the early hours of this Thursday (18).

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With the placement, the TACO team, Marcelo “coldzera“David, Santino”try” Rigal, Edward “dua“Wolmer and Bruno”latto” Rebelatto is guaranteed in the dispute for a place in the IEM Rio Major 2022. Besides them, paiN Gaming and MIBR also grabbed a spot in the race.

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