Technology: 14-year-old girl creates emission-free exhaust

The ability of a child or teenager cannot be underestimated just considering their little knowledge of life. Some are born with unusual abilities or intelligence, and such talents cannot be overlooked.

In the US state of Iowa, a 14-year-old girl showed just that when she presented a paper for the traditional US science competition, a competition highly contested by young students from all over the country.

Shanza Sami, of Indian descent (seven of the 10 finalists are), reached the final of the disputed American student competition with a project that would impact the automotive industry, an exhaust system that completely filters gases, zeroing CO2 emissions.

Sami decided to create an innovative exhaust system that eliminates harmful gases that reach the atmosphere with a system that connects to the car’s catalytic converter.

Sami herself explains the five-stage process in two videos, with filtration processes, gas screening, electrolysis, fuel cell and ultraviolet light. Check out the description below:

  • Phase 1: Diffuse filtration to remove airborne particulate matter
  • Level 2: Carbon nanotube screening, a process that uses fullerenes to encapsulate Co2
  • Phases 3 and 4: An electrolysis chamber and a hydrogen fuel cell, which work together to capture water vapor and create an alternative energy source
  • Phase 5: Photoelectrochemical oxidation, known as “PECO” filtration, which uses ultraviolet light to remove volatile organic compounds and organic pollutants from the air

Inspired by her older sister, who always participates in science fairs, Sami liked and wanted to participate in the national contest, adopting a project from which she was inspired by herself.

On a trip to India with her parents, due to the high air pollution in their destination, Sami became ill, catching pneumonia, which made her stay in a hospital.

Sami was impressed by the episode and, when choosing the project, she thought of the millions of people who die annually from respiratory problems related to air pollution.

With talent, intelligence and creativity, Shanza Sami created the entire process of cleaning a traditional exhaust system, thus achieving the desired zero emission in a common gasoline car.

Sami commented: “I realized that people should have the right to breathe and (stop) this basic human function. It bothered me that 7 million people die annually due to air pollution-induced diseases.”

Shanza Sami got a mentor to help her develop the project and that was Jodie Eilers, a professor at the University of Engineering of Iowa. She was impressed by the young woman’s grades and her ability to do computer simulations of every part of the project.

The parts were ordered from engineering and soon the system can be assembled, which could happen before October 17, when the winner of the national competition promoted by 3M will be defined, with a prize of US$ 25,000, a small amount compared to what Sami can gain from the invention.

[Fonte: Press Citizen]

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