TikTok will share its Stories on Instagram and Facebook

TikTok has started rolling out a feature to allow creators to share Stories on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You will be able to take your stories from the short video app to other platforms, without having to download them first or load them through the other program.

The news is gradually rolling out to people this week and it may take some time to reach everyone. It is likely that the most active users of the format will be contemplated before those who do not use it.

The sharing of TikTok stories to other social networks has begun to be released (Image: Playback/Watchful)

The change was initially previewed by product intelligence firm Watchful.ai, but confirmed by TikTok after questioning from TechCrunch. The new story sharing interface on TikTok works similarly to the current one, but with extra options besides sending it to friends.

To find out if you were one of the winners, just click on the three-dot menu in any of your stories. Just below the friends ribbon, you should see the “Copy Link” options and the icons of supported social networks — Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. If not, you can still download the video and manually repost it in the desired application.

It’s important not to confuse integration with cross-posting. You will only be able to share videos and photos posted to TikTok stories, which does not include short videos or captions. It will still be necessary to make all the adjustments and go through the publishing screens before the content starts running on the profile of the other social networks.

Expansion of TikTok Content

While Meta tries to force creators to produce content unique to their ecosystem, ByteDance goes the other way with TikTok. The format of stories is not very popular on the platform, so it is only fair to reuse videos on a service with more appeal, such as Insta.

Tiktok’s goal is to further expand its content to other locations, including rivals. It’s not yet clear whether the exported Story will be watermarked, as in the videos, which could make some creators more wary of Instagram punishment. This is a justified fear, after all, Meta’s algorithm is capable of identifying reused content to reduce reach.

Many influencers choose one of the two platforms as the main one and leave the other only as a backup. On the other hand, the addition is great for creators, who can use shared stories as a hook to attract their audience without having to compete for attention on Reels.

Source: TechCrunch

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