Tite praises Cuca’s work at Atlético and says that the future after the World Cup depends on ‘wife’s release’ – Rádio Itatiaia

Commander of the Brazilian team and responsible for leading the five-time world champion group, in Qatar, where he will seek the long-awaited hexa, Tite spoke exclusively to Itatiaia this Wednesday (18). Among the topics discussed, the 61-year-old coach was asked if he would accept to lead Atlético next season, as Cuca has a contract until December.

If he is wanted by the club and accepts a possible proposal, Tite would command Galo for the second time. In 2005, he was one of the chosen, throughout the season, which ended up relegating the alvinegro to the second division. In several interviews, he highlighted that he feels indebted to the miners.

“First, Cuca’s work is extraordinary and it has now resumed. I saw the two games against Palmeiras (and they were defined in the details; it could have been in favor of Atlético, which was very close to qualifying in Minas. Then I personally followed the game in São Paulo, this resumption of Atlético. He is a coach of great quality, identified with the club”, began the coach, emphasizing his professional companion. I, next year, if we deserve it and are champions, stay with Rose (wife), who wants to stay with me for a while. But my son said she’ll put up with me for a couple of months at the most, then she’ll throw you out. I’m in this dilemma”, highlighted the commander.

“I have a debt of gratitude to the club, but it was a moment that left the fans very hurt. I am fully aware of it. It is a difficulty because I had a past that was not successful. The Atletico wants Cuca; a guy who won and who is identified. I’m not saying no, but I know it’s natural to have a rejection. I improved and tried to study, also because of that moment, which I would like it to be otherwise. The future can define” he concluded.

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