Tite talks about ‘debt of gratitude’, but fears rejection by fans at Atltico

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Tite did not rule out taking on the Rooster in 2023, but showed fear with rejection

in interview Radio Itatiaia, this Thursday, coach Tite commented on a possible invitation to take over the Atlético in 2023, when the club will inaugurate the MRV Arena and the coach, as announced a few months ago, has already left the command of the Brazilian team. He returned to talk about an old debt with Galo, since he directed the alvinegra team, in 2005, starting the fateful campaign that culminated in the relegation of Serie B for the Brazilian.

Tite says goodbye to the Brazilian team after the World Cup in Qatar, between November and December of this year, regardless of the result. The coach warned that he intends to have a period of rest with his family, but he did not rule out evaluating some work invitation. At the same time, asked about the possibility of returning to Galo, he did not close the doors, but admitted some fear of rejection by part of the crowd, also because of relegation.

“I don’t have anything defined and I don’t admit to saying anything now. When I’m organizing some work I don’t keep opening up possibilities, otherwise I keep thinking about spending energy in another situation”, said the team commander, making it clear that he will only study club invitations later. of the World Cup.

Regarding the possibility of taking over the Atlético in the year of the inauguration of the MRV Arena, if Cuca, the current commander, does not remain in charge next season, Tite admitted that the failure of 2005 may be a factor that hinders the return of Cidade do Galo. He showed some fear of a negative reaction from the crowd and admitted that there could be rejection.

“In relation to Atlético, I have a debt of gratitude, yes. But I know that there is a moment when the Atlético fan was very hurt. I know that, I am fully aware. So I know that there is a difficulty due to a past that It wasn’t successful. And the athletican wants Cuca, the guy who won, an identified coach”, stressed the coach.

“I don’t say no, but it’s normal, natural, sometimes to have a rejection in relation to my name. I have this conscience. But above all I have respect and I say how much Tite has improved, he has also sought to improve because of that one. It was not a successful moment. And if I looked back, I would like it to be in a different way. Whether it will be or not, the future can be defined”, commented the gacho coach, who did not rule out evaluating any future proposal to assume the rooster.

Tite was a bet by the board of Atlético for the 2005 season, after a very bad year in 2004, when the team got rid of relegation in the last round of the Brazilian. However, he was unable to get the team started, which only won four of the 21 games under him. The coach resigned after the 3-1 defeat against Gois, but the board kept him. Three days later, in the previous round of the Brasileiro, the 2-2 draw with Paysandu, in Mineiro, resulted in the departure of the club.

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