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Pat A. Cipollone and Patrick F. Philbin, top White House lawyers, were interviewed by the FBI following the search of the former US resident’s mansion in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. According to information revealed by The New York Times, the two lawyers are the most important people who worked for Trump and that, therefore, they will be able to help the authorities in the investigation of the boxes of confidential documents allegedly diverted by Trump to his residence in Florida.

It is not known when Pat A. Cipollone was heard, but according to two people connected with the case, Patrick F. Philbin was heard in the spring at a time when investigators were beginning to approach people in Trump’s circle to find out how 15 boxes of documents ended up at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

An “unprecedented quest” for an “unprecedented President”. Under investigation, Trump accelerates run for president

Cipollone and Philbin were the Trump representatives at the National Archives and Document Administration, an independent agency that protects and documents government and historical records. both were appointed to the positions shortly before the end of the president’s termin January 2021.


Philbin was, in fact, the person contacted by officials at the National Archives who realized that documents were missing from the White House, from the Trump administration. According to two sources to The New York Times, lawyers have tried to help this agency recover the material, but Trump has repeatedly resisted their requests. “It’s not theirs, it’s mine”Trump reportedly told his lawyers, referring to the documents.

Although the scope of the investigation was not initially said, it was later revealed that Trump did not return any confidential documentation when he left the White House in 2020: you documents will be related to nuclear weapons and can jeopardize American national security.

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