Unlike Abel, Ceni plays openly even with Flamengo

Flamengo will have consecutive duels with Palmeiras and São Paulo, the first for the Brasileirão and the second in the semifinal of the Copa do Brasil. For Arnaldo Ribeiro, the ways in which Abel Ferreira and Rogério Ceni work must be fundamental in the red-black’s difficulties for confrontations. At the Ball possessionalongside Eduardo Tironi, Juca Kfouri and Mauro Cezar Pereira, he explains the differences.

A factor highlighted by Arnaldo is the way Rogério Ceni likes to put his team to attack the opponent, even if he is superior, while Abel Ferreira is more cautious.

“São Paulo doesn’t play to defend itself, not even against Flamengo. I don’t consider it a virtue, it’s just an observation. even in the confrontations against the weakest teams, as is the case of América-MG, as is the case of Ceará”, he explains.

“It’s debatable, I think playing with Flamengo is not a strategy, but São Paulo will, just like they played at Maracanã in the first game between them in the Brasileirão. It’s the coach’s style, it’s the opposite of coach Abel Ferreira. . That’s why I think the difficulty that Flamengo will have to beat Palmeiras is infinitely greater”, he adds.

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Juca Kfouri: ‘All Brazil will cheer for Flamengo against Palmeiras’

Juca Kfouri points out the technical superiority of Flamengo’s team even in relation to Palmeiras, the need to win to keep the dispute open for the Brazilian title and considers that Abel Ferreira will be able to use the ‘against everything and against everyone’, as rivals will root for the red-black team.

“It’s going to be that Palmeiras game against everyone, which Abel likes the most, just us against the rest, because the whole of Brazil will support, even Fluminense fans will support Flamengo without a doubt. game between the two complete teams, I have no doubt in saying that Flamengo is better, they are the ones who play the best football, but it is unlikely that Dorival will enter with maximum force”, he says.

Mauro Cezar: ‘I would put Flamengo stronger against Palmeiras’

Flamengo should play with most of their main players at Allianz Parque, as long as they have the conditions. This is a situation identified by Mauro Cezar Pereira, who agrees with Dorival Júnior’s strategy in valuing more the game in which he can increase his chances of dispute for the Brazilian title.

“Whoever has a greater chance of injury will be preserved, but whoever is ok will certainly go to the game and it may even be that he puts the B team on Wednesday against São Paulo, especially if it is in Rio de Janeiro. I think it would be the right measure, if I were coach Dorival Júnior, I would put the strongest team against Palmeiras and a not so strong team, let’s say, against São Paulo”.

Mauro Cezar: ‘São Paulo suffers more than it should against inferior teams’

The classification of São Paulo against América-MG in the Copa do Brasil had some difficulties for the tricolor team in the final moments, after defender Miranda was expelled and the Minas Gerais team reached the tie. For Mauro Cezar, this suffering of the team led by Rogério Ceni could be avoided, considering the technical superiority of a team that is more expensive than the opponent.

“São Paulo could have managed a little better, there was at one point a certain lack of control. They have more investment than Ceará and América-MG, they just signed a million dollar player in Argentina, Galoppo, but he ends up playing very against these teams, he doesn’t impose himself to win with an authority he could have due to the technical superiority he possesses. This is a point that São Paulo still suffers a little”.

Arnaldo Ribeiro: ‘Corinthians is very favorite against Fluminense’

In the confrontation between Corinthians and Fluminense for the Copa do Brasil, Arnaldo Ribeiro considers that there is not so much balance, pointing out that Vítor Pereira’s team is on a high bias, while Fernando Diniz’s seems to have reached its limit.

“Corinthians are not favorites with Flamengo, they are in relation to São Paulo, but Corinthians are very favorites in relation to Fluminense, for me there is no comparison. was against Atlético-GO”, he concludes.

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