VIDEO: thief messes up and falls into hole while stealing safe at gas station in DF | Federal District

The Civil Police of the DF launched, this Thursday (18), an operation to arrest the last member of a group suspected of stealing safes from gas stations in the Federal District. Security cameras caught one of the actions, in February, in the Recanto das Emasand recorded the moment when one of the robbers fumbled and fell into a hole (see video above).

In the images, it is possible to see three men trying to lift the safe in a garage where the oil is changed. Then a fourth suspect arrived and the group managed to lift the object. As they tried to place the safe in the trunk of a vehicle, the guardrails covering a hole in the ground opened and the man fell into the ditch.

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Two other suspects also fell, but to the ground beside the hole. According to the Civil Police, the group also carried out three other robberies: the first in December last year, in Gama; another in January of this year, in Samambaia; and the last one in March, in Ceilândia. All have been arrested over the past few months (see further below).

Man falls into hole during post robbery in DF – Photo: Reproduction

This Thursday, the last suspect was arrested in the act for drug trafficking. During the operation, which was named Arquimedes, the agents also carried out six search and seizure warrants.

Two members of the group had already been arrested in April this year and a third man was arrested on Wednesday (17). The corporation claims they had been operating for at least a year.

Investigators point out that, during the robberies, attendants were held up with pistols and tied up.. The criminals then used hydraulic expanders to destroy the concrete holding the safes to the floor.

According to the Civil Police, the group used to act during the night, using gloves, masks and stolen vehicles with cloned plates. In one of the robberies of these cars, the criminals shot the driver.

“This is a stable and permanent group, which operated with hydraulic expanders, which presupposes a certain technique. Everyone acted with extreme violence,” said Fernando Cocito, director of the Division for Repression of Robbery and Theft of the Coordination for Repression of Property Crimes (DRF/Corpatri).

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