Videos of working AirPower prototypes reveal details

O AirPower must give nightmares to several executives of the apple until today. After being shown in advance in 2017, the project was constantly postponed and, despite having even appeared on the company’s website, it ended up being canceled in 2019. Since then, the product lives only in our memories and in prototypes that appear.

Last year, an Italian collector published a video showing a (working) test version of AirPower; today new units appeared in videos of the channels 91Tech, DongleBookPro It’s from YouTuber Luke Miani, in which several details of the charger that never made it to Apple Stores were demonstrated.

Specialized in prototypes, the channel DongleBookPro got three units of the test version, one of them very early, with 16 reels, while another — probably from a more advanced stage of development — has 22 reels. None had the design finalized (with the white finish seen in the publicity images), being very rudimentary.

The outermost part has a multitude of small circuits — one of which even has a chip. It is possible that the idea was to use it to control charging, in addition to performing the work of reporting the charge of the AirPods and Apple Watch on the iPhone.

When trying to use the prototype, Miani was even successful: both an AirPods case and an iPhone had wireless charging started. This, however, only lasted about a second, showing how initial and unstable the analyzed unit is.

O 91Tech went even further, connecting AirPower to the Terminal app on a Mac and analyzing the code present in the prototype. There, some developer tools, commands for specific coils were seen, as well as information that the device had never been calibrated and that the firmware present on it was installed in June 2017.

The original idea of ​​the accessory, it is worth remembering, was to recharge an iPhone, an Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time and showing the charge level of each one on the smartphone. Hypotheses for the device not working center on issues such as overheating and failure to do the engineering so it could be launched.

Last year, even, rumors pointed to the possibility that Apple is working on a new version of AirPower with remote charging, in addition to reverse charging capabilities, already present in competitors’ devices for a long time.

Well, at least these videos give you a taste, right? 😅

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