Windows 11 Hidden Features You Should Use

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The Windows 10 era seems to be ending, but the beloved operating system of home computers has a series of tools capable of providing more practicality for its users. Fortunately, its successor carries the same spirit and in addition to the old services, it brings some very useful new ones.

Because of this, we have prepared a list of the best Windows 11 features, many of which are hidden. Check it out below!

Windows 11 Features for You to Enjoy

Windows Sandbox (Sandbox)

Windows 11 stands out for being one of the most secure operating systems, even though it is still in the testing phase. In its Pro version, it has Sandbox, an additional feature that works as an isolated part of the system. That way, users can open programs and folders in spaces without risk to the rest of the computer. So, if you run a virus in this “sandbox”, it ends up not contaminating the other spaces on your machine.

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One of Windows 11’s features is the built-in video editor

In addition to the option to edit photos, Windows 11 also allows editing videos. It is an excellent resource for those who record content at home, such as tutorials, games or even classes. If you are interested in using it, just open the “photos” program and click on the “Video Editor” tab.

emoji picker

Those who use the computer to send messages, in general, miss the possibility of sending emojis. In this case, this feature, present since Windows 10, allows users to use these ideograms in the same way they find on cell phones. In addition, you can even use GIFs and some special characters. To do this, just use the shortcut “Windows + keyboard full stop”.

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dark mode

For those who can’t stand the white screen of their computer, especially at night, Windows 11 allows users to use “Dark Mode”. It is even possible to choose which is the preferred tone in relation to the light one, adapting the system interface to your liking.

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