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YouTube may be revamping its “Explore” feature, which lets you discover new videos on the platform. The novelty was caught in screenshots published by the Google News profile on Telegram, and reported by the Phone Arena portal this Thursday (18). The publication shows how the new application interface would look, supposedly being tested in the Android version. In it, the categories appear in a new side menu, with quick access on the cell phone screen, and would allow exploring videos with greater ease.

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Currently, users of the YouTube app can see an “Explore” button next to the filter carousel at the top of the home page. When you select this option, the user is forwarded to a dedicated interface, with suggested videos for the profile. However, according to the information released, the Google platform seems to be wanting to make this functionality more intuitive.

YouTube may gain new menu to discover videos; what is known — Photo: Marcela Franco/TechTudo

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In the screenshots released, the feature is replaced by a new button, which opens a quick side navigation panel. Within it, categories such as “Trending” (equivalent to “Em Alta”), “Music”, “Movies, “Live”, “Games” and “Sports” appear. with a more fluid gesture system, so in tests, the new side panel can be activated by pressing the left side and sliding your finger across the screen.

But that’s not the only change to the app’s interface. Some news were officially released by YouTube last month. The platform started to allow users to loop specific excerpts within videos (called chapters). With this, the media are played over and over again automatically. The function has already started to be made available gradually in the app updates for Android and iPhone (iOS).

Leaked image of YouTube tests shows possible new “Explore” tab in the Android app — Photo: Reproduction/GoogleNews

Still, another novelty was spotted by Phone Arena this Thursday (18): the function of zooming videos in 8x using the Android application. With this, when touching any media, it is possible to zoom in and out using pinch movements, with two fingers in full screen. Internet users can try out the feature on YouTube’s testing page, but it’s not yet definitively available in the app.

The platform also recently announced a new tool that allows content creators to turn any video into Shorts — TikTok-style vertical media of up to 60 seconds. It is now available for Android and iOS devices. However, about the new “Explore” tab, there is still no date or certainty that the feature will actually be released to users.

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