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Game of Thrones is an HBO series released on March 19, 2011. The series is based on the saga of books “A Song of Ice and Fire” written by George RR Martin, which began to be published in 1996 and still continues today. have not been finalized. Even some of the episodes of the series were scripted by the author himself. Because of this, the series surpassed the books bringing an ending that to this day revolts fans.

But beyond the negative reviews, Game of Thrones was a series that revolutionized television thanks to its impeccable aspects of production, script, direction, acting and special effects. The show was considered one of the most expensive series of all time, precisely because of all these aspects, reaching a budget of 10 million dollars per episode.

The series follows the characters in the fictional land of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros on the continent of Essos. The story follows several arcs and characters throughout its 73 episodes, divided into 8 seasons. The main line followed is the battle for control of the Iron Throne and, consequently, of the seven kingdoms. The story begins when Ned Stark (Sean Bean), leader of one of the main houses of the kingdom (The Starks), is summoned by his friend Robert Baratheon (Mark Addy), King of Westeros, to be the new “Hand of the King”, basically being your main adviser. However, soon after agreeing to go with the king to King’s Landing – the city where the king rules – Ned receives a letter from his wife’s sister, which implies that House Lannister (house of Robert’s wife Cersei (Lena Headey)) was responsible for the death of her husband, Jon Arryn, the former hand of the King. Outside the Seven Kingdoms, the narrative follows Daenerys Targaryen and her brother Viserys, who were exiled from Westeros by Robert after the fall of their father’s rule, and hope to be able to return to the mainland and claim what is rightfully theirs.

Despite being fictional, the series brings enormous realism inspired by medieval times, bringing many political intrigues, battles and violence. About violence, the series is still known for being very bloodthirsty, killing both tertiary characters and protagonists, totaling more than 6 thousand deaths. But still, Game of Thrones fits the fantasy genre by creating a new universe with lots of adventure, magic, prophecies and dragons.

This Sunday (21) premieres a Game of Thrones spin-off series called House of the Dragon, which tells an ancient story from the GOT universe known as Dance of the Dragons. The new series follows the civil war between the half-brothers Aegon II and Rhaenyra Targaryen, years before Daenerys, who aspire to the throne after the death of their father Viserys I. the same vibe as the Game of Thrones universe.

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Braveheart: Available on Star+

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The film follows the Scotsman William Wallace (Mel Gibson) who was one of the leaders of what we know with the First Scottish War of Independence, which began in the 12th century. The protagonist, when he was little, followed the death of his father and the injustices that his people suffered, which motivated him to assume the leadership of the nation in search of independence from the English kingdom.

The version of the hero is much more romantic than faithful, but the film knows how to present the right dose of impressive battles and also the right amount of romance, drama and comedy.

The film is quite violent, and Gibson even had to soften several sequences so that the film did not lead to maximum censorship. Even so, the battles do not disappoint, being very realistic, part of this generated by the makeup of the wounds.

In addition, it is during one of the battles that Gibson dedicates himself to directing. During the Battle of Stirling the director makes use of many quick cuts and restless camera movements, which makes the audience feel like they are in the battle, as it adds to the chaotic sense of war.

The film’s sets explore the beauty of the region. Many details and an internal decoration full of weapons and war accessories are used.

The film’s photography contributed to the realism in the battles, using many dark tones, leaving a heavy atmosphere, no wonder it won the statuette for best photography. The photography also makes use of filters during the moments of romance between Wallace and Murron MacClannough (Catherine McCormack).

Mel Gibson delivers in directing and acting a self-affirming and inspiring character who stands in the name of freedom. The actor is very charismatic and delivers a captivating performance. Wallace undergoes a brutal change, as at the beginning of the film he has dreams of starting a family, and after a personal tragedy, he is driven by revenge, going from a man in love to a brutal warrior.

Patrick McGoohan also delivers a convincing performance in the role of King Edward I. Even though he is the villain of the film, the king is shown as a born leader, very intelligent and serious, respectable and remarkable qualities of the real Edward I. The actor also brings a great acting taking care of the small details of his character, such as the cough that references the disease that would later kill him.

Braveheart is one of the most complete epic Hollywood films that, despite not being 100% true to the facts, still pays homage to the Scottish myth with an emotional and visually impeccable work, which influenced other features such as Gladiator himself, which would later also lead the statuette for best film at the awards.

northern man

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The film begins in the 9th century AD following the return of King Aurvandil (Ethan Hawke) to his family: Queen Gudrún (Nicole Kidman) and her son, young Prince Amleth (Oscar Novak/ Alexander Skarsgård). However, shortly after his return, the king is brutally murdered by his brother Fjölnir (Claes Bang), in front of his son. After watching his mother and her people be taken by the assassin, Amleth resolves to flee to the sea, vowing to take revenge one day.

The film focuses heavily on Norse Mythology, rituals and prophecies and brings a true immersion in the traditions and customs of the Viking Age. Thus, the supernatural aspects are of great importance in the film, especially the prophecy around Prince Amleth. However, these mystical aspects are placed believably and convincingly with the rest of the plot, helping to immerse the viewer.

The screenplay is inspired by a short story, which at first served as inspiration for William Shakespeare himself when writing one of his most famous works: Hamlet. The film has a certain theatrical aspect, which can be seen mainly in its dialogues.

The story of the prince’s personal revenge also refers to several other stories such as the movie Braveheart (1995), directed and starring Mel Gibson and in GOT. In addition to the similar plot, the similarity between the films is also present in the brutal violence. In Homem do Norte the violence is very explicit and bloody with very well elaborated and choreographed combats. The way the director works with revenge is very interesting, as it is exposed in a cyclical way, since each feat of Amleth generates consequences, in a way bringing the phrase violence generates violence to the screen.

The film’s photography impresses with dark and gray tones that end up highlighting the bloody violence on the screens, in addition to generating a feeling of melancholy. The sound of the feature also stands out, giving space for the sounds of nature and the breathing of the actors, which increases the tension and suspense even more.

Regarding the performances, all the actors bring great performances, and accents, to the screen, but the main highlight is the protagonist, lived in his adult phase by Alexander Skarsgård. The actor brings a convenient and powerful performance, embodying a true beast at different times. The actor brings a raw character but extremely wounded by his past who finds his revenge against his uncle as a force, a story that reminds us a lot of our Arya Stark in Game of Thrones.

Still, The North Man is a Viking epic that meets expectations with a super immersive film that brings an interesting story that, even though already seen in other works, manages to reinvent itself and impress with impeccable fight scenes and great performances.

The Lord of the Rings Trology: Available Hbo Max and Amazon Prime

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In the fictional world of Middle-earth, the film follows the story of the hobbit Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood) who ends up getting involved in an adventure after taking possession of a ring. So along with the help of his friends and the powerful wizard Gandalf (Ian Mckellen) Frodo is dragged on this journey with the aim of melting the ring on the mountain he was created on to prevent Sauron, the incarnation of evil, from returning to Earth. dominate Middle-earth.

The trilogy is based on the books written by JRR Tolkien tells an epic story and brings a wonderful hero’s journey, in addition to achieving the difficult task of adapting a book and not only pleasing fans of the book in question, but also those who haven’t read it.

The world created by Tolkien still has unique and very interesting characters and convincing and solid performances by great actors like Sean Astin, Sean Bean, Orlando Bloom, Cate Blanchett, Viggo Mortensen and many others.

The assembly of the trilogy is also very well elaborated, managing to perfectly join each narrative of the more than 9 hours of history, giving the spectator the feeling of being present in Frodo’s adventure. Camera movements also help in this immersion, seeming to follow the characters.

The adventure is still full of great battles and very well choreographed and fluid fights. In addition, the direction also impresses where each frame looks like a painting, having a great composition of lights and shadows.

The trilogy was also consecrated at the Oscars, as the last film, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, not only received the statuette for best film, but also set a record taking home 11 statuettes.

The trilogy is very reminiscent of Game of Thrones for its great battles, full of characters, and its fantastic air bringing magical creatures and prophecies. In addition, Tolkien’s work served as an inspiration for George RR Martin himself to write “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

By Carolina Genez with supervision by Angela Luvisotto

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