Anti-glare coating makes Wi-Fi signal go through walls

Those who have a router at home probably go through the situation of having some rooms where the Wi-Fi signal arrives with low intensity or not at all. An alternative to solve this problem is the repeaters, which, as the name suggests, receive the signal and emit it to the environment.

In some cases not even the repeater works, as the walls and obstacles end up reflecting and, depending on the type of material, absorbing the waves that are transmitted through the air. But it seems that the days with Wi-Fi are numbered.

Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria and Rennes in France have developed a way to allow the Wi-Fi signal to pass through walls more effectively.

The method developed by the scientists is an anti-reflective structure for a conventional wall and built with common materials. The coating makes the signal pass through it without being interrupted or losing strength.

The anti-reflective coating acts differently from traditional materials and, instead of reflecting or absorbing, it makes the signal go through barriers without difficulties, a fact that has already been proven in tests that simulated real conditions.

The researchers carried out a test that consisted of the emission of microwaves by an environment that simulated the conditions and obstacles of a residence. In the study, reflection and absorption of walls were completely eliminated, which can definitely revolutionize home internet networks.

The success of the tests left scientists excited and optimistic about what the technology can provide for the future of wireless networks, making them even believe that the method developed could play a key role in the next generation of internet technology, 6G. .

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