Banco do Brasil launches insurance for cell phones, notebooks and other devices

The thefts of cell phones and notebooks have made many Brazilians resort to insurance for the devices so as not to lose out. With more service offerings on the market, prices are more attractive. Banco do Brasil, for example, launched insurance for cell phones, notebooks and other devices.

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The insurance quote in question is available on the BB website and application. The service ensures protection against theft, breakage and even liquid damage. To quote the service, it is necessary to indicate the model of the device.

cell phone insurance

Hiring protection for smartphones and other electronic devices is 100% online. The service offers complete coverage, even for claims that occur in other countries.

The insurance allows reimbursement or replacing the device. Among the advantages, Banco do Brasil allows customers to cancel whenever they wish, without penalty and still counting on the remainder of the payment back.

To hire him, just follow the steps below:

  • On the Banco do Brasil website or application, enter your personal data and device model;
  • Choose the desired coverage;
  • Add payment details and finish.

In the event that the customer needs to activate the insurance of the good, it is necessary to make a report card of occurrence before and ask for IMEI and phone line blocking immediately. Only after that should the insurance be activated.

To open a claim, customers must access the website and click on the “Chat Online” option. Another way is through the Assistance Center at 0800-771-7727.

Banco do Brasil insurance has monthly fees starting at R$9.90. The service is available to those who are account holders of the institution. Payment can be made by credit card, bank slip, PayPal and Google Pay.

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