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Like it or not, video calling is a necessity these days. The problem is that, not infrequently, the cameras of our notebooks don’t offer the image quality we need. The way out is to go to an external webcam. This Friday (19), Dell launched in Brazil an option that works with 2K resolution. I speak of Dell Pro WB5023.

Dell Pro WB5023 webcam (image: publicity/Dell)
Dell Pro WB5023 webcam (image: publicity/Dell)

To be exact, what Dell calls 2K is a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels at up to 30 fps. The webcam can also work at 1920×1080 pixels (full HD) or 1280×720 pixels (HD) at 60 fps.

But it’s not just the resolution that weighs in on image quality. According to Dell, the webcam combines a Sony Starvis sensor with a multi-element lens to absorb intense light and thus generate sharper images.

Have more. The manufacturer explains that the Dell Pro WB5023 has an image signal processing engine that eliminates motion blur and the graininess that is so common in low light conditions.

Dell Pro WB5023 webcam (image: publicity/Dell)
Dell Pro WB5023 webcam (image: publicity/Dell)

In addition, an artificial intelligence system does automatic framing to ensure that the user is always in the foreground, even if he changes position.

A Face Detection Automatic Exposure (FDAE) engine with HDR makes adjustments to make the user’s face illuminated at the most suitable intensity.

The Dell Pro WB5023 also has some add-ons. One of them is the magnetic cap, which protects the lens when the camera is not in use. Another, more useful, is a built-in microphone that features ambient noise reduction technology.

There is even a mounting clip that makes it easy to attach the webcam to monitors, notebooks or tripods.

Dell Pro WB5023 webcam (image: publicity/Dell)
Dell Pro WB5023 webcam (image: publicity/Dell)

When and how much?

The Dell Pro WB5023 webcam is already on sale on the brand’s Brazilian website. But all the attributes of the novelty are reflected in the price: R$ 1,070.

It is, therefore, an option for those who really prioritize image quality in online broadcasts. At this point, it is worth noting that the webcam is compatible with Windows and Mac, and is certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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