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Agelina Jolie when she was still married to Brad Pitt and image of the wound on the actress' hand (Photo: Getty and reproduction)

Agelina Jolie when she was still married to Brad Pitt and image of the wound on the actress’ hand (Photo: Getty and reproduction)

New details are emerging about the final family fight that ended the relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Reports involving screaming, accusations and even the actor throwing beer at the Oscar winner’s head ended up being revealed, but new images from the FBI investigation into the case, which took place in 2016, show alleged injuries caused to Angelina’s body at the time.

The images, obtained by the website Page Six and present in the process of the federal investigation into the crime of domestic violence that occurred inside a private jet, show injuries and bruises on the actress’ hand and elbow. It is possible to notice a ring on the injured hand of the actress and also some of her tattoos in the image of the wound above her arm.

Burn on Angelina Jolie's hand (Photo: reproduction)

Burn on Angelina Jolie’s hand (Photo: reproduction)

Angelina would have sent the images, which were later attached to the process, proving the escalation of violence in the couple’s relationship and which reached its apex in the incident. According to the FBI report, Jolie told investigators that Pitt, who was drinking, yelled at her in an aircraft toilet on the return flight from Nice, France, to the US.

She claimed that Pitt “grabbed her by the head”, “grabbed her by the shoulders”, shook her, pushed her against the bathroom wall and yelled at her, “You’re f%$#@ this family”. Two of her minor children (whose names have been edited in the report) “were outside crying and asked, ‘Are you okay, Mom?’” she said. Pitt reportedly yelled in response: “’No, Mom is not well. She’s ruining this family. She’s crazy,'” the report said.

According to Jolie, that comment prompted one of her children to retaliate: “It’s not her, it’s you, you m%$#@,” what she said infuriated Pitt. The actress then claimed that she saw him run towards one of the children “as if he was going to attack”, at which point she said she gave Pitt an armbar, who threw her backwards in an attempt to free herself, pushing her towards him. the chairs behind them. The moment of violence would have caused injuries to the back and elbow of the actress.

Angelina Jolie's elbow bruise (Photo: reproduction)

Angelina Jolie’s elbow bruise (Photo: reproduction)

Black and white photocopies of the photos are included in the report, as well as handwritten pages provided by Jolie, allegedly from her children, containing descriptions of the incident. Handwritten pages are mostly redacted. During the fight, Jolie also claimed that Pitt had said about one of her children: “Looks like a kid from Columbine”, referring to the boys who invaded the school in the state of Colorado, promoting a massacre among their classmates.

After they arrived in Los Angeles, the couple allegedly had a physical altercation and she claimed that Pitt prevented her and the children from disembarking for 20 minutes. In addition to her back and elbow, the report stated that Jolie said she also suffered “a carpet burn-type wound” on her left hand. A photo of the wound is included in the report.

Pitt has not been arrested or charged with the incident after the FBI concluded an investigation in November 2016. In April, Jolie asked for the investigation report — anonymously and as Jane Doe — a generic name used by victims to keep their identity a secret — to find out why. that Pitt was never charged. Sources close to the actor claim that both parties had possession of such documents and that the actress only released them as if they were news in a media stunt.

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