Flamengo hits award goal, boosts partner and meets budget

Flamengo’s good phase on the field has a direct impact on finances. The club has already hit the budget target for awards with the classifications to the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores. And the adhesions to the fan-partner and sales of shirts were boosted, which leads to the fulfillment of the income estimate.

For 2022, Flamengo predicted R$1.033 billion in total revenue. A higher number than last year, considering the adjusted value, without revenue for 2020. For this, it had higher sponsorship income, box office returns and membership growth. In addition, it would have to achieve yield in the field.

Well, when moving from Athletico-PR, Flamengo reached the two goals of positions in knockout: reaching the semis of the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores. For the Brazilian, the goal is to be in second place. But the difference inside the G4 is not significant for the budget. That is, from now on, they are extra income with ratings.

The advancement in competitions increased the number of supporters. The number has increased by 15,000 recently, which brings it close to 80,000 members.

But, in addition to the increase in the number of members, there was an increase in the average price paid by the member due to a review of the plans and due to a level upgrade made by the members. On average, each Flamengo member pays R$95.00 per month.

Thus, it is quite possible that the club exceeds the budget forecast of R$ 49 million. In the first half, there were R$ 24 million in this item.

The box office results also increased with a total of R$ 9.6 million only in the games against Corinthians and Athletico, for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores, respectively. The end-of-year target is 102 million.

According to the current projection, Flamengo’s marketing department also has numbers that indicate that it will hit the target of R$ 255 million forecast for the year. This value was based on contracts already signed, and shirt sales have had similar numbers to last year.

The only point that will remain open in the budget is player sales. The club will still have to negotiate athletes until the end of the year.

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