Instagram launches subscription for exclusive content from influencers

Instagram is releasing a new feature to allow content creators to share material exclusive to their profile subscribers. The idea is to compete with services similar to Only Fans, a platform for producers to distribute their content to subscribers. On Instagram, creators would get paid for it through advertising and other work.

The feature is only available in the United States for the time being and can only be used by those who have the sign verified on Instagram, and thus start profiting on top of the “new tab”.

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Through a video, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri revealed that the network aims to become “the best place on the internet for creators to earn their income” and that the new updates are a result of feedback from those who participated in the testing phase. of the subscription service. Within this new feature it will be possible to publish posts in the feed that will only be visible to subscribers.

As for followers, when paying to the content creator, the subscriber will earn a purple badge that certifies them as a supporter. The “Subscriber Seal” will be displayed in the comments of the posts or in the messages sent to the content creator, which will facilitate identification during a live broadcast, for example. There will also be a new “subscriber home” tab on creator profiles, where subscribers will be able to filter photos and reels.

Content competition

According to data from Only Fans itself, in February 2021, the platform had more than 100 million users around the world, of which 1 million were content creators. Instagram is one of the most consumed networks by the public, according to a report by We Are Social and Hootsuite (digital marketing agencies specializing in social media operating around the world).

In Brazil alone, Instagram already exceeds the numbers of Only Fans, with 122 million users, being the third most used social network in the country in 2022. In other words, the growth potential is huge among users.

According to Taruman, a digital marketing agency, content creators in Brazil are already waiting for this new Instagram feature to come. The company recommends that, in order for them to have an efficient result, it is necessary to direct them to avoid publications that may defame their own image or the brand.

To be in this world and have a positive result, the content creator will need marketing strategies. This is because, if in the organic mode there are already resources of their own to result in good engagement, the effort will have to be greater if you want to distribute something exclusive where people will need to pay to have access.

The agency believes that the secret will be to make content aimed at a specific niche. Several influencers already share very diverse content on different subjects on their social networks, but to conquer this new audience it will be necessary to analyze their followers and make a good plan of action.

Reels are still featured

Despite the new feature, Instagram should not give up on Reels, a function launched to face off against TikTok. In an update to the app’s layout made this year, the company sought to highlight the functionality, bringing a more modern look to the interface, similar to the Chinese social network itself.

Instagram is testing a full screen version, with the intention of putting Reels as the main content of the platform, without, of course, leaving the other publication formats. Features like Stories and photo feed were maintained by Instagram in its update. This is because, in the first case, it is the most profitable format of the social network, with high levels of engagement. The second is traditional and maintains the commercialization in place.

According to Meta, short videos currently account for about 20% of the time users spend on the app. On the Facebook platform, videos of all formats are responsible for 50% of the time people browse.

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