Itaú program allows you to pay iPhones in up to 21 installments, but is it worth it?

In 2007, an uproar was created when the first iPhone was released. Its modern design, its innovative technology touchits immense storage capacity and near-TV screen resolution have created a new kind of standard for tech lovers.

Today, more than functionality, having the Apple device is synonymous with status and therefore its price is always high. Therefore, many people want to have it but not everyone can afford it.

Thinking about that the Banco Itaú created a program to pay iPhones in up to 21 installments. Want to know more? Keep reading our article.

Banco Itaú Parcel Iphone – Image: Disclosure

Itaú shares iPhones forever

As the name suggests, the program iPhone forever of Itau bank is an opportunity to have your device apple with exclusive purchase conditions.

Always with the proposal to facilitate access to the newest models, this is one of the exclusive services most requested by the clients of the financial institution. Namely, it works as a credit alternative that is made available to members who want to keep up to date with the newest versions of their smartphone.

For this, Itaú finances the chosen model with up to 70% of the total amount, which can be paid in 21 installments – much higher than that offered in stores – by the buyer. The remaining percentage, in short, is collected at the end of the payment, in case the person wants to keep the device.

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Program offers interesting possibilities

Furthermore, it offers two very interesting possibilities to users: Firstly, if they no longer want the device, just return it to the Itau and you will no longer need to collect the remaining fee of up to 30%.

Second, if you want to change your iPhone for a more modern one, just choose the new one and return the old one to reduce the debt and start financing again.

However, it is important to note that the Itau does not interfere with the price of the smartphone, it only facilitates access to purchase. In this way, it is also worth informing that the only conditions imposed are on the minimum installments that must be R$ 172.08 per month, and that the total amount is within the limit of your credit card, which must be yours. Itau bank.

Is it worth participating or not?

Obviously, you must be wondering if it is worth participating in the program. iPhone forever but the answer depends more on how passionate the person is about technology, especially in terms of apple. Of course, the financing conditions for the Itau facilitate those who do not want to pay the entire value of a device of this size at once. In this way, it becomes a viable option.

But, compromising the credit card limit until the installment is fully paid off can sound like a big disadvantage. If that’s not a problem, then take a chance and you’ll always have an iPhone at your disposal. For more information access

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