Metaverse, technology and care for pregnant women; understand

Undoubtedly, it is extremely common for first-time mothers to be concerned about the health of their babies. This concern, in turn, ranges from the moment they actually become aware that they are pregnant, to the rest of the child’s existence.

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In this sense, when generating a new life within oneself, in some specific cases, some risk factors may occur, such as malformation or even problems that may end up arising during the child’s development during pregnancy, which tend to bring some type of discomfort for these mothers.

However, consultations with physicians to address these issues no longer necessarily need to follow the methods that are stipulated as standard. With the expansion of technology and its new devices, today, it is possible to perform 3D exams and even use the metaverse itself for these functions. This is because this new environment has humanized support from health professionals, who are very keen on the idea of ​​generating a welcoming and safe process that can be transformative for most women.

In view of this, it is important to make it clear that modern medicine allows the application of immersive virtual reality, which can be accessed through special glasses, with the aim of debating clinical cases and planning personalized surgeries, depending on each specific case. With the expansion of technology, it became possible to make increasingly realistic models of organs and images to really meet these demands, helping in this process of improving care for people, especially in the case of early pregnant women.

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