OnlyFans: nurse reported to HR earns BRL 1 million per month

According to website information mirror, an American mother abandoned her ordinary career to work exclusively in the OnlyFans. Former nurse Allie Rae, 37, quit her job after co-workers found her profile on the platform and reported her to HR.

A resident of Boston, in the United States, the mother of three gave up working in nursing after her colleagues discovered her secondary occupation. Despite this, Rae claims that she has no regrets about leaving her career after 15 years, as she now earns almost £200,000 a month.

Allie Rae is CEO of the WetSpace platform.Allie Rae is CEO of the WetSpace platform.Source: Allie Rae

“My husband has always been very supportive of what I do and when I had to leave my job at the hospital it was a joint decision to work full time with OnlyFans. Our kids have chores, we watch movies together, have dinner, get grounded, etc. — just like the average family,” the woman said in an interview.

Work: Only Fans

The ex-nurse’s husband, Steve, has also started participating in the homemade productions, but he doesn’t show his face in the photos and videos. Currently, both are working exclusively with content on the platform.

In addition to making a lot of money on OnlyFans, Rae claims she’s also getting to spend more time with her kids. However, she says that some friends ended the friendship after finding out about the profile on the platform, while others found the news very interesting.

“Our true friends and family know nothing else has changed, we are pretty much the same people,” Rae added.

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