Remains of two children found in auctioned suitcases

posted on 08/18/2022 10:25

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Wellington, New Zealand-New Zealand police on Thursday announced the discovery of the bodies of two schoolchildren in suitcases auctioned at an Auckland warehouse.

Police opened a homicide investigation after finding the human remains in two similarly sized suitcases and, on Thursday, confirmed that they corresponded to two children between five and ten years old.

Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua said the bodies had probably been stored there for several years.

“The nature of this discovery presents some complexities to the investigation, especially given the time that passed between the time of death and the time of discovery,” said Vaaelua.

The remains were found when a family took home a trailer full of items sold at a warehouse auction. Police said the buyer’s family was not linked to the murder but was “understandably distressed by the discovery” and asked for privacy.

The personal effects found along with the suitcases help to find clues to identify the victims.

Both the warehouse and the house from which the bags were taken are being examined by forensic experts.

Vaaelua highlighted that New Zealand police are working with the international agency Interpol.

Police suspect the victims’ family members are in New Zealand. The inspector showed them compassion because they might not have known that the children had died.

“We are doing our best to identify the victims … what I can say is that we are making very good progress with the DNA investigation,” he said. “The investigation team is working hard to hold the person or persons responsible for the deaths of these children accountable,” he added.

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