Ryan Gosling could join the cast of ‘Fire’s 11’

Released in theaters in 2001, and starring George Clooneythe classic “Eleven men and a secret” will soon get a reboot! under the direction of Jay Roachand script signed by Carrie Solomonthe new version will star the actress Margot Robbie. Although the production details are under secrecy (temporarily, of course), new information was released this Friday (19) by Variety. According to the publication, Ryan Gosling is in negotiations with Warner Bros. Discovery to join the cast of the film!

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For now, it is not yet known which character would be played by gosling, nor its impact on the plot. What has been officially revealed so far is that, in addition to starring, Margot Robbie will also produce the feature film through its production company LuckyChapalong with Tom Ackerley and Michelle Graham. Executive producers are Gary Ross, Olivia Milch and Josey McNamaragives LuckyChap. By the way, it is worth remembering that margot and Ryan have worked together recently on “Barbie“, live-action inspired by the eponymous doll that hits theaters in 2023.

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Still without a title or release date set, the new film in the franchise “eleven men” is due to start filming in the first half of next year. In 2004, it was released “Twelve Men and Another Secret“; In 2007, he debuted “Thirteen Men and a New Secret“. Eleven years later, in 2018, the spin-off “Eight Women and a Secret“, which even had Rihanna in the cast!

Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling will make a movie together

The actress Emily Blunt (from “A Quiet Place: Part II”) has joined the cast of the film “The Fall Guy”which will be led by Ryan Gosling (from “Hidden Agent”). Both will be led by David Leitch (the same as the recently premiered “Bullet Train”). The information is from the Deadline website.

Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling will make a movie together
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“The Fall Guy” is based on the TV series of the same name (or “Tough on the Fall” in Brazil), which aired between 1981 and 1986. The program followed the adventures of a movie stuntman who also acted as a bounty hunter. The actor Lee Majors did the protagonist Colt Seavers – role to be played by Ryan Gosling in the movie.

The feature film is in the care of Universal Pictures. The premiere is scheduled for March 1, 2024. Before, Emily Blunt will premiere the film “Oppenheimer” and Ryan Gosling will premiere “Barbie”, both scheduled to hit theaters in 2023. They are already recorded.

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