Santos received ‘complaint’ about Newton Drummond in July

Santos was alerted in July about the alleged favoring of former executive Newton Drummond to his son Henrique, who is a businessman in the middle of football. The dismissal only took place last Thursday (18).

O UOL Esporte found that at the end of July, two weeks after Peixe announced Newton Drummond, president Andres Rueda was approached by the staff of midfielder Edwin Cardona, from Racing (ARG), to ask about Rogerio Nejar, Henrique Drummond’s partner at Target Sports.

Rogerio would have asked for authorization to negotiate Edwin Cardona with Santos on the grounds of having “entry” in the club. This document would give Target a commission in the event of the player coming. Cardona’s staff denied the request and alerted Peixe. There was no advance in the negotiation for this athlete.

wanted by UOL Esporte, Rogerio Nejar denied the request to mediate the sale of Edwin Cardona. Son of Newton Drummond, Henrique deflected the conversation in quick contact with the report.

“Man, I have nothing to add to what has already been said. I’ve been working with this since 2011. I had a hiatus halfway through and came back later”, summarized Henrique Drummond.

Henrique Drummond and Rogerio Nejar, partners at Target Sports - Reproduction - Reproduction

Henrique Drummond and Rogerio Nejar, partners at Target Sport

Image: Reproduction

Rueda learned of Newton Drummond’s alleged favoring of his son in July and considered resigning beforehand, but he only terminated the executive the day before yesterday (18). Insecure about his football executive, Andres Rueda practically single-handedly led the negotiations for the arrivals of Nathan, Luan, Carabajal and Soteldo.

While Newton had less and less use in the day to day of CT Rei Pelé, the president of Santos gathered information, waited for the international transfer window to close and the dust to settle. The dismissal would occur at any moment, but the final straw was an audio received by another agent.

In the recording, a person from the ball market says that he would try to sign a reinforcement in Santos through the “son of Chumbinho”, nickname of Newton Drummond. Rueda showed this audio to the executive before the dismissal and claimed a breach of trust.

In an interview with UOL EsporteNewton Drummond lamented what he called President Rueda’s “lack of respect”.

“This offends me and my family. I recently worked at Coritiba and Chapecoense and this was never an issue. Obviously this is a lie, but I didn’t reply because my story speaks for itself. It was even good that this happened now because President Rueda prefers believe in a planted audio than in me”, said Drummond.

“I appointed Nathan and Carabajal and started negotiations, but then Rueda was in charge. And Luan and Soteldo negotiated alone”, completed Chumbinho.

Henrique Drummond and Rogerio Nejar are partners - Reproduction - Reproduction

Henrique Drummond and Rogerio Nejar are partners

Image: Reproduction

Lisca’s friend since the days of Internacional, Newton Drummond spoke to the UOL that the technician is concerned about. People close to Andres Rueda, however, say that the relationship with the coach is “excellent”. It is worth noting that Lisca and Drummond are managed by the same manager: Jorge Machado.

“Lisca is angry, isn’t he? Worried. I’ve known Lisca for a long time and I was the one who referred him to Santos. But he will stay”, warned Newton Drummond.

President Andres Rueda does not comment directly on the case, but admits the breach of trust.

“Santos has already commented on the departure of the executive Newton Drummond by the official note published on its website. The club does not want and will not discuss the matter, rebutting interviews. Facts occurred that shook the president’s confidence, who chose to break the contract of work with the professional. Trust is a non-negotiable principle between the management and its employees”, said the club, by means of a note.

The first official note from Santos about Newton Drummond’s dismissal was as follows: “Santos Futebol Clube announces that Newton Drummond left the position of executive football manager this Thursday (18). The Club thanks the professional and wishes you luck in the course of your career”.

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