See the likely team from Paysandu to face Vitória-BA

The farewell of the bicolor delegation heading to Salvador (BA), yesterday afternoon, took a crowd to the airport of Val-de-Cães, in Belém. Fiel filled the premises of the venue to give a last word of encouragement to the team that, tomorrow, at 4 pm, will debut in the decisive quadrangular of the Series C against Vitória-BA, at Barradão stadium. Four seasons ago in the third division, the Boogeyman reached the decisive stage in the three previous editions with ease, but at no time with as much confidence from the crowd as this time. There is no favoritism for the team from Pará, especially in a group with traditional clubs, but confidence is high in the stands.

Thiago wants solid defense and Paysandu aggressive against Leão

In his luggage, coach Márcio Fernandes was able to assemble the delegation with almost the entire cast. In the last few days he had practically the entire group at his disposal. The absences were defenders Lucas Costa and Douglas and left-back João Paulo, who did not board. Defender Salazar and attacking midfielder Marcelo Toscano participated normally in this week’s activities, fully recovered from injuries. In addition to them, striker Marcelinho served automatic suspension and is released. But the main novelty on the trip was the presence of midfielder Ricardinho, who, even without being in a game condition, will be alongside his teammates.

Video: Paysandu defends brand in the debut of the 2nd phase

“It’s the first time I’ve seen such a shipment. I had a similar one in Santos-SP, but not like this. Only those who are here to feel it. Our responsibility increases, because the heat of this crowd makes us look for something more so as not to disappoint them”, commented coach Márcio Fernandes.

This last-minute incentive with the “Aerolobo”, which started in a motorcade from Curuzu to the airport, also serves to give more ground to the bicolores, who must face a crowded Barradão. Yesterday, the Bahian board released a partial number of tickets sold, with more than 15 thousand tickets sold. In all, 30,000 tickets were put up for sale.


Days before the trip, Márcio Fernandes commented on the team’s moment, especially about debuting away from home. As a visitor, Papão got three wins, three draws and three defeats, adding 12 of the 27 points played, resulting in about 44% of use. “If we have any unevenness in the group, the last game, sometimes, doesn’t even matter anymore, because when it gets to the end, it’s practically defined. We need to have a strong mentality to, in any situation, make our football. By doing this, we will not fear anyone”, observed the technician alviazul.

Let’s go up, Daddy! Paysandu’s weapons for the foursquare

After the match with Floresta-CE, which ended the phase, Fernandes stressed the need for maximum concentration in this phase, even greater than what was done in the previous one. With experience of two Serie C titles, he says that in the foursquare there is no more room to recover mistakes. “The level of concentration has to be high and the margin of error has to be minimal. One of the things that weighs heavily is you have control and the players let go of some vanity,” he said. “We are with the group well united, the players are understanding this and it is a very good way to trust this team”, concluded the Boogeyman coach.




Alemão, Alan Santos, Marco Antônio and Sanchez;

João Pedro, Dionisio and Eduardo;

Luidy, Rafinha and Trellez

Coach: João Burse


Thiago Coelho;

Igor Carvalho, Naylhor, Genílson and Patrick Brey;

Mikael , João Vieira and Marlon;

José Aldo, Pipico and Robinho.

Coach: Marcio Fernandes

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