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Anyone who already missed following the ups and downs of Otis and Maeve, Eric’s charisma and Dr Jean Milburn’s wisdom can now stay tuned for news from sex education. Filming for season 4 of the series has begun, and Netflix today released the first images featuring Asa Butterfield (Otis), Emma Mackey (Maeve), Mimi Keene (Ruby) – and also introduced a new character.

Sex Education – Season 4 — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @netflixbrasil

Sex Education – Season 4 — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @netflixbrasil

Dan Levy, who starred with Kristen Stewart in the Christmas romantic comedy “Somebody Warn?”, joins the cast as Mr. Molloy, probably one of the high school teachers at Moordale Secondary School.

Sex Education – Season 4 — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @netflixbrasil

“Now Otis will try to find fourth base. Filming for the new season of Sex Education has started. And there are new people in the area: say hello to @instadanjlevy as Mr. Molloy” – wrote the Brazilian profile of the platform in his post on Instagram.

On the series’ official Instagram, a small teaser was also released with the same actors who appeared in the first clicks of the new season. Check out:

The addition to the cast, however, comes with some casualties: Patricia Allison (Ola), Tanya Reynolds (Lili) and Simone Ashley (Olivia) do not return for the sequel.

There is still no release date, but the new episodes are expected to arrive on Netflix next year.

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