The mites that live on your face could be endangered

Did you know that there are many “pets” living on your face? But calm down, it’s no use running to the bathroom with the aim of cleaning to remove them, because the skin mites they inhabit deeper layers, which we cannot reach just by touching the skin of the face. However, a study showed that the existence of these beings is threatened.

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Mites that live on the skin – What are they?

More than 90% of human beings have mites in the face region, they are the species Demodex folliculorum and they are with us from the moment we are born, as they are transmitted by our mother through breastfeeding.

Should we be thankful for having mites living on our face?

According to biologist Alejandra Perotti, a researcher at the University of Reading, located in the UK, we should be grateful that we have the ability to provide a home for mitessince they clean our pores and consequently keep them in balance.

These organisms come out of our pores at night in search of a new skin follicle in which they can mate with a mate and thus perpetuate the existence of the species. However, a recent study showed that the existence of these mites is threatened due to changes in human DNA.

Demodex folliculorum and the threat to the species

The study, which was published in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution, highlights how close our relationship with these microorganisms is. However, the DNA of these animals is eroding, that is, they are going into extinction.

The gene responsible for protecting the body from the mite against ultraviolet light, for example, has already been lost. However, this even makes sense, since they are only more active at night, in periods of low light.

The work also indicated that as mite gene diversity declines, they are at risk of possible extinction because they become less adapted and more dependent on us, consequently losing more genes and becoming completely dependent on their hosts to continue. existing.

As this dependence becomes absolute, these beings will no longer be able to leave the pores to “procreate” and that is precisely what threatens the future of the species. In this sense, humans can reap damages as a result of this extinction, such as, for example, new skin problems, since we lose those who naturally make our “skin cleansing”.

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